The comparison of various sea fishing method

The comparison of various sea fishing method

There are many methods such as rock fishing, boat fishing, trolling fishing etc.. Let us make a summary analysis.

First talk about boat fishing. There is a kind of temptation called waiting. A boat fishing is a seductive wait. Put the ship into the sea, put away the oars, let the waves with floating ship. hooking a squid,falling on the rough stone, put them together to sink into the sea, then you can look what kind of strange fish is catched. Boat Fishing, you may get nothing, you may come in, you may also have a fight between human and fish, or a desperate struggle with the storm. We can't predict anything that may happen. It is because it is unpredictable that ship fishing is full of unknown challenges and charms.

The fish species in the ocean can't be imagined. The climate conditions on the sea surface, the ocean currents under water, the temperature and topography, and the plant species are more complex and changeable than those in fresh water. Because there are more unknowns and more complex situations, more courage and strength are needed, and there will be more unexpected joy waiting for the fishermen.

Trolling fishing is also a popular fishing method. trolling fishing means a way to catch large predator fishes on a sea surface with a fast yacht. Boat Fishing is the slow drag fishing methods in the middle or deep sea, and trolling fishing is the main hunting swordfish. break line to escape a lot for swordfish. These big fish can drag a hundred tons of large boats down on the sea. It can be seen that trolling fishing is dangerous and requires a corresponding skill. Trolling, not only fish caught, more pleasure fishing with heat increasing.

Of course, you can also dutifully go to sea fishing with family, find a prominent surface in an island rock or rock beach, you can carry out fishing. This method is simple, flexible, economical and practical, and can enjoy a quiet and unique seaside life with the whole family. But compared with the real boat fishing, the lack of a feeling of challenge.

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