How do Americans protect fishery resources when they are fishing

How do Americans protect fishery resources when they are fishing

How do Americans protect fishery resources when they are fishing. At present, in the United States, leisure fishing is very popular, according to a reporter, the number of people involved in fishing in the United States accounts for about 1/5 of the total population of the United States. How do Americans protect fisheries resources? I am deeply impressed by the "death" rule of American fishery resources. Let us all come to see below.

Fishing to "posts": the United States government has formulated the "endangered species protection law" also set up a special Coordination Committee for recreational fishing, fish, fish, fishing gear, the minimum period limit fish body length and the allowable amount of fishing, there are strict rules, in order to prevent the excessive consumption of fishery resources. Fishing in public waters should apply for a fishing license, which is usually proportional to the length of the certificate. Texas residents for fishing license as long as $23. With this document, fishing in public waters such as rivers and lakes can be free. Do we pay money fishing anglers fishing is mainly used for construction and protection of resources.

Learn to recognize the fish before fishing: Fishery Law in the United States, there are strict restrictions on fishing fish, for example in Texas, only allow the fishing 24 types include sea bass, tarpon, marlin, the fish. Some species also specify the details of fish that can be angled, for example, Marlin can only fish in two kinds of blue and white. People learn to know all kinds of fish before they go fishing. Generally, there are guidelines on how to identify fish species in pamphlets issued before the fishing license. In the cabin of an old man, Mr. Yu old, the reporter saw the fish album he carried with him. For people who love fishing, he said, the picture book should be a must. Although he had been dealing with the fish for many years, he could not ensure that all the fish were recognized. There was a saying in his colleagues that people who could not distinguish the species of fish were not qualified to pick up the fishing rod.

The length of the fish should be measured: on Mr. Yu's fishing boat, the reporter also saw a marked ruler on both sides of his fishing boat, which was used to measure the size of the fish that he caught. For example, the minimum length of the drum drum should not be less than 20 inches, and the longest one should not be more than 28 inches. The fish do not conform to the standard, even a millimeter to back into the sea. According to statistics, the 2001 National Marine Fishing catches for 442 million, of which about 2.5 more than the tail, or more than half of fishing, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the conservation of resources, and returned to the sea. These fishing regulations, usually by biologists to do investigation and evaluation of resources, then in accordance with the number of the number of fishing boats and yachts, fishing and fishing in the past days and to develop.

It can be seen that when Americans are fishing, they have worked hard for the protection of fishery resources. Their strict regulations on fish make fish better survive and reproduce.

In addition, American Studies for a variety of fishing gear is also very detailed, for example according to the habits of fish will customize different properties of the rod, for example, catfish rod,slow pitch rod building and so on.

I think it's a good habit to protect the local fishery resources while fishing while studying better fishing equipment, so that we can enjoy the fun of fishing better.

In addition, if you have a better skill on the use of fishing tools, please share it with us.

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