how to buy better boat fishing rod for new beginner

how to buy better boat fishing rod for new beginner

How to choose better boat fishing rods for new guys?

Now as far as the current situation is concerned, today's fishing gears can be described as a variety of varieties, and the specifications are also different. We can see from the material on the rod blank, the fishing rod can be divided into; glass fiber rods, carbon fiber rods, hybrid glass fiber and carbon fiber fishing rod, the rod performance can be divided into; soft action, medium and hard action.

The strength of the rod is expressed as the mark of the diameter of the rod tip. The bigger tip diameter is more stronger, the smaller size is thinner.

When we go to the fishing shop, we can often see the join-in model rods, the telescopic rods, and the middle-passed rods, and so on. No matter which kind of boating rods have their own advantages.

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New guys don't know how to choose when they buy a fishing rod. I suggest new people here. They should go and see more, ask and compare more when buying fishing poles. Not only to look at the appearance, but to see if it is good quality. Carefully observe whether the thickness of the rod is uniform. The surface is smooth and fine, the rod body whether there is no mishap and scratches, the guide hole is reliable, and there is no rupture.

In particular, we should pay attention to the joint pole and the telescopic pole, and the loose and disjointed parts of the joint should be resolutely abandoned.

At last, when we try pole, we can hang heavy objects on the pole head, or find a person to help and gently grasp the pole head. We must grasp the rod tail slowly and add force to detect the indicators of the rod's strength, flexibility and elasticity. You can also find an experienced person to buy, and he can give you advice.


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