how to choose the good hooks for fishing

how to choose the good hooks for fishing

Today, let's introduce the TERMINAL TACKLE of the fishing gear.

Participate in fishing activities are inevitable. The importance of hooks is tantamount to the teeth for the people. In many cases, the quality of the hook will directly affect the amount of the fish. Are not sharp, empty bar frequently, are not intensity, can be directly run away so you managed to catch a big fish. The hook weight is too heavy, smooth mouth of the fish is very difficult for you to catch the hook. The color is too bright, will let the old return fish to produce alert. So we must understand the importance of the hook.

How to pick a good hook? In fact, many fishing experience can also know how to choose weights.

We should according to different fishing methods, choose a different hook, according to different species choose the right hook. For example, if you play slow pitch jigging, then we choose good quality for jigging hooks, we have also introduced GOOFISH blog for fishing inside the content of iron hook.

Some of the fishing friends will identify the strength of the hook in the color of the hook. In fact, the strength of the hook is determined by the material used and the technical treatment (quenching or carburizing), with no relation to the color of the hook. For example, the strength of a cement column depends on its diameter and the quality of the reinforced concrete used, not what color the column is painted. The common color is white, hook, black, gold, red, blue, black, pink, green, and violet, tea, copper, bronze color.

All the colors are made from the white nickel plating on the hook, but in addition to the black and the tea color. Generally speaking, the white hook is the basic hook. The upper black hook is plated with a layer of black nickel on the white hook body, and it can also be called white and black. The yellow is copper plating, and the gold hook is added to the gold element in the copper plating. The gold hook is characterized by its antioxidation. When the hook is dragged, the gold hook has good reflectivity and can play the role of luring the fish. But the gold hook has the highest electroplating cost, and the price is more expensive than the hook of other colors. Green, red, blue and other color hooks are painted on two different hooks of yellow and white, which are painted with different colors, mainly for good-looking, and nothing to do with quality. The cost of the white hook is the lowest, and the price is also the lowest.

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