How to grab the fish in the Match?!

The speed at 400 above the tail grab the fish, so far no one can do it, the reason is always pay attention to the surrounding by fishing, fishing conditions, will produce a sense of trust in yourself, the game will have to be made up by using technical measures.

Catch fish to grab the "grab" refers to the fish, swimming and relatively stable when fishing. When the fish is scattered and the swimmers are in chaos, they can't rush to fight, because you grab the empty pole rate, and what we need is the middle fish rate. So the first thing to consider is how to concentrate the fish, and then let the fish stabilize in a fishing shed. Grab the fish to do to fish from the left hook, each link is relatively low; Yu Yu in the fast slow, slow, only the weight of the fish is consistent; to practice basic skills.

The fish catch is only asked adjustable ask fishing, fishing is not too deep a mark to stay in fishing on it, there are two reasons, one is the bait is not fixed, effects of fishing; two is easy to accept dynamic fish bait, when this dynamic is in a fixed frequency. Eating fish is not like a mess, another role is to stimulate the dynamic bait fish bait to meet the standard, sharp display pause, acceleration and rising half a Hague, fairly high rate of fish.

In 3 or 4 games a day, the tip action of the first games is large and large, but it is not complicated. The second half of the second half of the movement became smaller, and half a black grid became the main form of fish news. The effect of the third fishing process was bad. Then prone to fish, fish is also chaotic, it is necessary to continuously change the fishing shed, which is half a small action and high standard Hague, soon fell together. At this time, the fishing pole, the fishing line, the fishing mark, the fishing hook, the fishing bait and the bait are not used properly, and the continuous empty rods will appear. The fish who fish in the mouth first wants people to be not messy. Pay attention to those bait hands that are good, what baits are used, what size baits are used, the length and thickness of the sub lines, and the corresponding lifting pole gesture with the fish news, so as to sell them now and then, once they are effective, they will be used for life.


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