How to judge where the bait is sunk

How to judge where the bait is sunk

How to judge where the bait is sunk. The biggest difference between the sea fishing and fishing water is almost in the water for freshwater fishing, almost all of the water department, so freshwater fishing in streams to catch for fishing is the most appropriate analogy. For example when you fishing bait into the water because of gravity, velocity and direction caused by the different bait sink to the bottom position, and pond and reservoir fishing bait just thrown about quasi float position. How do you judge where the feed is due to a different flow rate after the bait is put into the water?

First, throw a spoon bait into the water, about five seconds to sink from the A visual angle and the direction of flow, the bait into the water after atomization, the interpretation will be long distance B bait sink, the bottom position where the extent (this is the most important fishing bait), analysis will not be too dry or too wet, floating and submerged material proportion, then adjust the size and of course, the bait size will have an effect! Where is the fish, the sea is so large, and the upper, middle and bottom fish fish fish, fish, fish and local. First, set your target fish. There are two kinds of freshwater fish, crucian and tilapia. There are two species of fish in the sea, including black hairy fishes and Haig fish, northern carp and black hairy fishes, and tilapia and Haig fish in the south, which are only the difference between freshwater fish and sea fish.

Southern Haig similar local fish, also can be said to be the bottom fish, often hiding in X, there are corners, bait regiment is suitable for larger use, viscosity is hard (water adjustment), as for atomization state, depends on the water is not clear. The black like fish, but also can be said to be in the upper middle and upper side of the fish, with most of the tidal flow and in the project, why should this explain? There are fish in X, but not so much. The bait group is suitable for the use of a little bit, and the viscosity is soft (adjusted by water), and the atomization state also depends on the clear water. General bait will use krill powder bait ingredients to do, according to different species, adjust the selection of floating and submerged material proportion of the products, mixing and blending and then add appropriate amount of water, and other additives, often rely on fishing to collocation with their own experience, a way to make the bait bait bait to throw out good control, wrist strength, fan-shaped throw bait.

Speaking of which, I explain some problems, for example, what is called intertidal zone: that is, the middle of water flowing along with the quieter water. There are usually plankton or garbage gathered, creating a distinct texture. What is this stream... Let me not explain, there are a lot of technical and technical problems and one can not explain, but speak too much and not, for example if the next to other fishing friends when you play the bait how other problems and so on, later, at least this paper has been finished.

Recently there are a lot of friends ask me, recent popular play, some skills of slow pitch rods, the first of all we need to choose the appropriate equipment, I will explain this in the days after the opportunity.

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