Skills for fishing crabs

Skills for fishing crabs

1.To catch crabs, use fish meat as fish bait, mainly crab catch hooks or lines with Pliers, little hook crab mouth, better use braided line as sub line, we should lift that rods when float moving,make the crab flying on the shore, if we  lifting rod is slow, the crab run away..

2.Use line Directly, tie a dead chicken or duck, or any others, throw into the water for a period of time, a long time, gently pull near the surface, with the landing net, there will be many crabs, my father used this method in the past, when he was soldiers on the island for 7 years, the method is also very effective.

3. Catch the crab with sea rods, also with fish meat, explosive hooks, heard before, not used yet. you can have a try.

4. with a small screen of gauze I saw it , like fishing prawns. Less than 1 square meters of small gauze to lift the net, with bones and meat. It is fast to get the water out of the net, if not, the crabs will climb out of the net.

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