The relationship between water and fishing

The relationship between water and fishing

The relationship between water and fishing. According to the Lianyungang fishing master said, a "flow" will have a big fish, to "flow" everyone seems to be unable to understand, today I have found on the "flow" of photos, to meet the "flow" what exactly is a form of.

We usually say the water can be divided into three, the first is the most common, which is caused by the tide; the second is caused by the water temperature difference; the last one is current, current is due to the earth's weather systems, but do not underestimate the current, she is the master the marine ecosystem, we have fish and you can catch what fish is subject to the influences of the current. In the above three kinds of water, the influence range and strength of the sea current are the largest, the tide rises and falls, and the temperature difference of the sea water is the least.

What is the relationship between water and fishing? In this way, we must first know about the fish's foraging habit, most of the fish are foraging against the current. In the absence of water, the fish's appetite is low. When food is taken back to the mouth, food will be brought to the mouth. Even if it is not in the right direction, it will save energy if it regulates the head or preys with the shortest path. It is very important in the natural environment.

And in the presence of water, the oxygen content in the water will be higher, which is also beneficial to the activity of fish foraging. Plus, under the impact of the water, the microbes and algae in the water float to form a food filled environment, attracting small fish or aquatic organisms to forage in this environment, and the big fish become a machine to join foraging at this time.

So the flow of fishing is very important, is in the fixed floating rock fishing, fishing boats and therefore can not be like the same, can chase away the water, so in the choice of fishing, the water must be considered in the first place, tell me in my experience, a good fishing spot must be very good water

So how do we choose the right line of fishing? Careful observation and experience I have had many the only proper course to take, choose the best fishing point in the dawn say once, because you can observe the flow and change, of course that time may not have water, this experience becomes important, because some tangible things, will provide some clues to judge the direction of flow and change. So unless you are very familiar with the fishing points you are fishing for, otherwise, it's better to find the fishing spot only after the day of daylight.

When you choose a good fishing spot, you will have to start making the bait, bait and made according to the prevailing currents, the proportion of bait depends on the flow velocity was determined, the higher the velocity of the larger proportion, whereas the more light, while the flow rate when the Antarctic shrimp should be chopped, is intended to increase the settling velocity. This can increase the high velocity of bait control ability. In the absence of a high proportion of bait powder, we can increase the humidity of bait and increase the proportion of bait, but don't forget to cut the Antarctic shrimp as much as possible.


After the bait is made, we suggest that we bait some fishing spots, then we will observe the state of the bait in the water, so that we can get the data of velocity and direction, which is very helpful for us to make fishing group. When making a fishing group, the current flow and flow direction should be considered to determine the combination of the fishing group and the fishing group. I tend to use high velocity when the weight of the float, and the number will also choose a larger, such as 5B, 8B or 1, because of the high weight of the float will be relatively stable, while the large number can make the fishing group has a larger weight, this change has enough space to give a little more than a fishing group.

In addition to reflect fish fishing group, also has exploration flow orientation, such as fishing group or two type of Shuangdan cone, is when the water can reflect some of the fishing group. So the use of the water fishing group video, is a major means of observing water changes, so when fishing, don't just look at the fishing group of fish, also need to pay attention to changes in water fishing group reflects the bait method from the adjustment and combination of the bait fishing group, will not leave the fishing bait fishing, also won't leave hand to the preset position, to lose synchronization purposes. A fisherman must know that the flow of water is changing every moment. It is necessary to have a clear grasp of the changes in the flow of water so that the catch can be synchronized.

Fishing water will be influenced by temperature, wind and sea water density changes, so the same fishing water is different every day, although fishing terrain points is constant, so basically water does not have too big change, but don't see little change caused by other factors, such as small enough to make changes or catch turtles blasting results. If we want to have a stable catch, we have to take these factors into consideration when we choose to catch the point.

Some very familiar about the current name, is in fact all these changes made, such as water temperature changes, will cause the water to rise or fall, and if the float after the rising or falling water, which occurs in the upwelling or suction flow. Of course, not only the change of temperature will cause upwelling or suction flow, change the density of seawater will produce the phenomenon, if the upwelling flow or suction flow occurred in different time in the same place, so it can be formed by the bottom topography.

But the greatest impact on the flow of water is not the temperature density, but the wind. Especially in the local shallow water inner bay type, the wind has a great influence on the flow of water. Have you ever tried fishing friends? In the days of raw water, the flow should be more alive. But strangely, the result is even worse than the dead stream. This is because the flow generated by the wind and the old water go away each other and make the water flow slow. It is also the two laminar flow that affects many fishing friends. Many times it is caused by wind. Especially in winter, this happens frequently.

Therefore, it is suggested that the flow of water is considered first, followed by wind direction, and the last is the factor of the stone mouth.

When the flow of water flows in the sea, it will leave footprints. As long as careful observation, it will find its existence and direction.

In addition, the color of running water can be used to identify the activity of fish in this area. For example, the surface of the sea is white and floating like a layer of grease, reflecting the white light. The fish in this area is highly active, and the fishing rate in this water will be relatively high.

When the water especially clear, microbial content in water is less, fishing people and water from the water and the fish can easily see the shore line, so it is not conducive to fishing, I do not know if you have no experience that day, clear bottomed fishing, but fishing for a day, the harvest is very poor, in this the case, will try the shot, and the selection and comparison of immature and similar color line, some brand line on the market, after special processing, make the line in the water refraction rate is relatively low, so it is not easy to be found in fish, you can try the next.


In the summer, the temperature of the sea rises, which will accelerate the flow of the sea. Because it will make blue water that we often hear. High oxygen content in blue water and water is good for fish to forage. So it's a good day for fishing, especially for surface fish.

With the change of sea tide, the catch rate of fish is also changing. In the deep water fishing ground, fishing is more favorable for fishing. On the contrary, in shallow fishing grounds, the rising tide is favorable for fishing. Without considering the direction of seawater, only considering the rise and fall of sea water, they will affect the catch rate of the fish. Then the sea going up and down will also affect the direction of the seawater. If this factor is added, the catch rate of the fish will be more affected. Generally speaking, if the fruit is good when the tide is in high tide, the flow of the sea water will be completely opposite when the tide is out of the tide. In most cases, it is not good to catch the fruit.

The time that we can fish in a day will vary according to the region. For example, if we take ten hours fishing as an example, the tide will change every five or six hours. So fishing is in a period of time is good for the fish, it must grasp the best time for  fishing, fishing can not miss good time off, if done correctly, it can have a two chance of gold.

Also, we should pay attention to that when the tide is rising, maybe the fish will swim near the rock near the sea or catch up with the prey. The warning mind of the fish will be low, so punctuation can be at the foot. But on the contrary when the tide, coastal seawater relatively shallow, fish will raise vigilance, should use the shot, the punctuation on the offshore areas.

The characteristics in water, can be divided into explicit and implicit explicit refers to the two part, clearly visible, a lot of water is clearly visible, as long as the hands of careful observation, can see the water, some time even can see the direction of the water flow and water speed, but when the actual Xi does not have such a simple fishing. I think you can grasp the water for fishing, but often as people would like, this is because there are some hidden reasons, recessive means not easy with the naked eye can be determined, which include water temperature, density, wind and underwater terrain, these factors will affect the flow direction and speed? And color, and will eventually change the scheduled fishing result. So a good fisherman will keep an eye on the change of the water around and make due changes at any time so that the rate of the fish is rising.

You can read in this article, may not know what I say, it is possible that I never lied, or can change, for water or do not pay attention to the importance of water fishing, fishing in the hope after reading this article, may have to re experience on the water.



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