The Secret on ice fishing

The fish in the ice fishing rules about, mainly summarized as follows.

First, when digging the ice eye, if you use the ice pick because it depends on, was a fisherman's strength and experience to control, so the vibration generated is likely to affect the fish, alerted them. Ice water from the bottom of 0.8 - 1.2 meters, vibration, ice breaking moment, water siphon phenomenon, will cause water flow, temperature difference, benthic fish is very sensitive, can all go 2 - 5 meters, 10 to 40 minutes may flow back, ice water from the bottom of 1.5 - 1.8 meters, the impact is not big, surprised fish distance about 1 - 2 meters, 10 to 20 minutes of ice water migration, away from the bottom 2 to infinity (m), weak effect, will show just fishing net Bingcha, under the hook that signal.

Second, if used to fried ice ice water cut eyes, shaking is relatively greater, the direction of water flow will be consistent, not only will arouse the whole benthic fish go up 10 - 20 cm cluster swim slowly, still can make plants (algae) on the release of oxygen to form bubbles, forcing the timid carp grass drilled, originally no fish grass, grass, become temporarily fishway, at the same time, the water temperature is relatively stable, stimulated by the small fish, vigilance is not high, will increase the chance of fish.

Third, if you open a couple of eyes, part of the ice eye, or connected or spaced, the chances of a fish are higher. But the weather, ice temperature, air pressure, water oxygen, light, light to change the water on the lower temperature and other factors, even if fishing the same day, the rate of fish are not the same, there are fish in fish and single period multi period situation, basically is two stages (8: 00 - fried ice - 12:00, 14:00 - 18:00), fried fried ice ice after the end, God's return to God, called Kaiser to Kaiser, all normal, the fish in the peak end.

Fourth, if it is a few days later in the original position of fishing, then the harvest is not as good as before, or even discounts.

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