The skills of using the fishing lines of hook correctly

The skills of using the fishing lines of hook correctly

The correct to use the hooks technique. Fishing line with brain lineSub line, Connecting line. The main line(brain line)is:

1. Taiwan rods:  the distance from rod tip to hooks

2.Lure rods:the lines on reels

The connection line between the main/brain line and the hook is called the connecting line. The parts which main line connected to the hook is called the Sub line. The line is the extension of the main line, usually the same as the main line, with the main line connected by the link. The thickness and length of the hook directly affect the fishing effect. Therefore, the hook line should be used correctly.

First, the sub line should be smaller than the main line, the pulling force of the Connecting line is smaller than the main line (Sub line).

The sea fish forages mostly in the reefs and the places with the flow, but these places are very easy to anchor the hook. If the fish bites the fishing line to lift the fish, if the hook is anchored by the reef, the hook can be pulled hard and the line is easily broken, so that the hook will not lose the fish. To avoid cracks in the rocks in the mouse card, can make that line process like connecting line.

Conversely, IF we use same material and size for main line, sub line, connecting line, hhe same pull power they have,the whole set of hook fall will be lost,  you will feel disappointments.

Two, as the sea fish eat most of the live baits, so the connecting line should be longer, generally in 15-20 centimeters for good. The length of the hook line is longer and the amplitude of the fishing baits is large, so it is easy to hook the fish. On the other hand, the effect is not good.


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