The world's largest fish, whale sharks

The world's largest fish, whale sharks

whale sharks

It is the largest body in the shark and the largest fish in the fishes.

Sharks prey on tropical or subtropical sea fish and plankton prey will survive, shark mouth still in the water, like a big filter. As the largest shark fish usually have 15m (50ft) long, 18 ton. The whale shark is usually not dangerous to humans, but if they think you are the enemy, they will take the initiative to attack humans, hit the boat.

Strict fish would be the only kind of whale sharks, shark shark species. Large body, is the world's largest fish, about 10 meters, the largest of up to 20 meters. 2 marked skin crest on each side. Large mouth, anterior, upper, lower jaw with lip fold. The nostrils located in the rostral side outlet openings in the mouth. The eye is small. Small water jet, located in the rear of the eye. The teeth are small and many, conical, and the head of the teeth is tilted back. The gill hole is very wide. The dorsal fin is 2, without hard spines. O Hiroshi short, forked tail on both sides of each side; fold, Oshii turned up with a depression above the base of the tail. Large pectoral fins. Body Ash Brown, brown or brown, with many yellow spots and stripes.


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