What do you do when a summer's fishing is bitten by a snake

What do you do when a summer's fishing is bitten by a snake

What do you do when a summer's fishing is bitten by a venomous snake. When summer go fishing, the best prepared for snakebite, just in case. There are many species of snake venom, most of which are acidic. Some can cause blood to solidify and deteriorate; some can make the heart paralyze and stop beating. If it is bitten by a venomous snake, untreated or not treated in time, it is easy to cause death.

If we are bitten by a snake, we should be in a calm mood first and watch the tooth print on the wound, such as "." Shaped teeth mark. No pain, not a bright red blood, that is bitten by a snake, you should immediately use tape (if not prepared in advance, you can also take the shoe lace to tightly wound instead) above the site, so that the blood poison to stay high, to other parts of the body, especially the heart can not flow. Then their fishing or drug juice at the bite site with the mouth (note, such as the mouth is broken, the wound, gingivitis can not suck), suck on the spit, spit edge suction side, and constantly gargle, but cannot swallow, suck the blood until now, then, will wash the wound with soap and water. The remnants of the poison, and send to hospital. If you have found, and feel no problem, it may not have to go to the hospital, according to the snake, topical, oral, dressing can rest.

In order to avoid being bitten by a snake, when summer fishing, especially night fishing, the best prepared a snake. It is also convenient to use. When fishing, put one or two pieces in the body, snake will emit a smell, in fishing, anglers from around 10 snakes have fled Domine, poisonous centipede, did not dare to close. To go out fishing, the most important thing is to protect yourself so that you can get a good mood to fish.

If you have a better way, please leave your advice here, which will help any friend who is likely to be injured in fishing.

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