Techniques and analysis of sea water flying fishing

Techniques and analysis of sea water flying fishing

The sea area introduced in this article is mainly in Japan, but the corresponding fly fishing skills are only for everyone's reference. I hope it can help you.

The technique and analysis of the sea water rod fishing. I come into contact with flying rope fishing, in fact is the last two years, because my school came to Kaohsiung, here to know loving lure good friends, also met my teacher just fly fishing in Aberdeen and Cipri, felt the unique spirit of bigeye Sea chain, then fell in love with it with the nature of fishing, and unable to extricate themselves from the point of.

Because in the reading of the Zhongshan University, close to the port of Kaohsiung and Taiwan, this vast coast will become my practice fly line used to go to the place, as long as the weather permits, will a person went to the Chai mountain wading shallow reefs for fish trace, is perhaps the location, many strange species often without being caught right sometimes, but not see the fish catch, so the development of hair hook will become a part of the amateur life. Sometimes, love to bait fishing friends can live in Kaohsiung, it is a very happy thing, because this sea fishing, fish and rich, and the seasons have different species available, consider fishing career if so, also want anything else?

In fact, I play the fly rope qualification is not long, and even can be said to be a beginner, I just Kaohsiung area, people catch fish water flying rope as a simple introduction for everyone, I hope to learn the sea and do not know how to start flying rope help fishing, wrong also please advice.

1, sea fishing: main chain big love Hexi segment stamina Creek downstream Xingzhong bridge area, standard length is 20 to 40 cm, sixty cm level rare. Fishing at the time of O to 4 can enjoy a strong pull. The leading wire takes off with No. three carbon line, shrimp type or small fish type bait, swaying tail and white chicken hairy hook, and twilight or nighttime hairy hook. Because of its strong pulling force, the hook can be made up of 2 to 4. Generally speaking, the night fishing is much better than the day.

2, black star snapper: Chai Shan shoal, living habits and jarbua is similar, but not much, no group travel habits, and catch the shuttle fish with small sand with mini shrimp fishing, but fishing more young, in this little introduction.

3, tigerper: in Kaohsiung harbor ship platform, shallow mudflats or Chai mountain area, Cijin Reef Sand interchange, the tour group generally the naked eye visual play. Because the body is small, suitable for O to 2 staff, before the line is regarded by different depth Shen lift coefficient, before 1 to 1.5 wire two feet long, shrimp, fish or maggot type wool wool Gouyi fish hook, made of stainless steel ball tied up, to strengthen its effect. When fishing is not too fast to draw the line, try to stick the hook to the bottom as far as possible.

4, Caranx ignobilis and Pakistan Larkin Barracuda: mainly in Kaohsiung harbor and ship repair platform Q-BABY cluster at. Light hair hook fishing for Barracuda Larkin maximum not more than fifty cm, enough to slap the ronin body, fishing without Qian Shen line, with a small fish hook or duck wool wool hook, Bala goldfish mouth, with a long tail feathers hook is the most effective. The front traverse 1.5 to 3, combined with 3 to 4 to fly rope rod.

5 spots, green scale and very small reverse hook enough: distribution in the first Beach port jetty and Zhongshan University hospital Haike, seasonal migratory fish, mainly fishing for a period of 4 to June, when the sea is almost the entire. In order to resist the southwest monsoon, it is suitable to use No. 3 pole, with the low lifting coefficient of the front Shen line, and the 20 hook to tie the mini shrimp. The fish in the water is the best that predators red tail time.

6, nocturnal fish: the waters are widely distributed in the ports to be alfoncine, apogonidae species. These fish as long as the dark will be crazy to bait, fishing in the end you will feel bored, the equipment can be used on light equipment can fly, rope rod O to No. 2, No. 1.5 and No. 16 about wire hook type hair tied fish hook can deal with all cases, fishing without throwing away. Along the shore will slowly drag the fish, but size is not large, and fragile, released a little faster action.

7, take bonitos year Dongmochunchu began in migration, as an important festival in Kaohsiung coastal fly line once a year, in place for the port of prominent seawall. There are a number of early, but small, about a pound and a half to two pounds, in the spring before the end of the number is smaller, but this figure has been weighing seven or eight pounds, pull very terror, fishing equipment can be used to strengthen the version, fly rope rod 8 to 10, with 8 to 10 WF of the floating line, before the thirty wire five pounds or more, and the cm above glitter silk wool fish hook, line speed should be fast, and always ready to recover the delay line, so as to avoid the fish card line caused by regret.

8, Japanese Barracuda: 6 a year to July canappear in Hsitzuwan white lighthouse outside the sea, and there are many easy targets, about 20 to 30 cm in size, the tension is good, small fish is very suitable for beginners to practice. The length of the wire rod 3 to No. 5, the front wire is one inch long, and the front wire of the higher and lower speed is added. The hair hook is more suitable for the small fish type with the coiling tail, and the size is about 14. When fishing cast in wave's outer edge to about two times a second short line pumping speed tic hair hook, if there is a barracuda to hide them, quickly jumped out of attack. The number of the Hsitzuwan Jinsuo lighthouse quite large, remember to bring a never the first time



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