how to choose that fishing position by proficient

how to choose that fishing position by proficient

The selection of fishing position has a great influence on the harvest. My experience,first of all, we should observe where the fishing point is preferred. In general should be in the path fish habitat, playful and often swim through, which is called "the fishway". There are different places where fish gather in different waters. At the same time, it should be selected according to the season, time, climate and fish species.

In the form of relatively regular pool fishing, people have summed up the practice of "square angling angle, long fishing waist", mainly according to the fish swimming and habitat. In fact, this is not absolute. It also depends on the underwater situation. In general, a reed stubble, grass, wood, stones, also often the fish accumulate. Fishing position is also related to the season, some people summed up as spring fishing stubble, summer fishing shade, autumn fishing grass, winter fishing deep.

In the same season, the sunshine is different from the temperature in one day, and the fish inhabiting and swimming are not the same. On the hot day, when the fish is at the edge of the pool, catch the grass while catching the fish. As the sun rises, the surrounding fish temperature will gradually swim deeper into the pool, and the nest should be moved farther. It should be moved back to the shore in the evening.

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Fishing in a fish pond is often the best choice near the feeding table, especially before and after the feeding time. The fish swarm automatically gather near the table. In a pond with an oxygen increasing machine, the fish group is often gathered in the water near the machine for oxygen in the water when the aerator starts.

Many people in a neighborhood, suitable for fishing far, quiet at the fishing near. So experienced anglers often catch a distance, and when people are less, they get close.

The wind often has an effect, catch the fishing against the wind on the general level two or three, can not see floating then should find a shelter, but not choose completely unless, downwind position.

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