how to deal with fishing when the temperature have much changes in spring

how to deal with fishing when the temperature have much changes in spring 

In the spring, the crucian carp in the water started a lot of activities. Fish face changing temperature, spring water, fish etc., the how to deal with it?

During this period, the amount of fishing in rainy days, the highest, in fine weather, in the shallow water area of 1.5 meters below the water clear, high visibility, generally do not have the activity of crucian carp

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If the water in the waters is muddy, even if the water is shallow, it can still catch crucian carp. Bait earthworms, red worm bait, fragrant, sweet, soft and rich in protein as bait.

When the temperature rose rapidly, officially entered the bright spring, when fishing for carp, can be said to be all day long with bite, especially in under the rain, carp bite more crazy".

You can catch a choice, preferred upstream on the shore of the shallow water area, the small branch, grass, ditch branch in the minor groove, groove branch Bay, shallow water, insects or fine red earthworms are the best bait.

Because most bite of carp, fishing in the configuration, you or to the pole soft, fine lines, small hook principle.

"Guyu" arrives, scraping the South or southwest wind are the weather is hot, mostly carp foraging in the minor groove at gathering in crowds and groups, the water in the upper waters or shallow water activities.

The fishing team needs to replace a large fishing group to catch more fish.

If you want to catch carp, in the shallows in large areas, and sparse grass, water depth of 2.5 meters around the place, with sea rods bad food explosion hook to catch the tail hook, hook on the thin red earthworm or bad food explosion hook fishing method, this method has good!

Most of the spring cloudy days, that is, it is best to catch the crucian carp with a big fishy bait, which is more attractive to the crucian carp. The cloudy weather stuffy in the water, lack of oxygen, fish love to the surface to breathe, so a good control.

Cloudy weather and low temperature, choice of fishing for deep water is good, the application of fishing on the ground that the bait, better group to be fine, diets have penetration and temptation, you can add more light in the bait bran increased atomization.

After the bait is ready, do not old to knead, to avoid the bait is too dead.

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