Little talking about reservoir fishing-1

Little talking about reservoir fishing

Compared with other fishing areas, fishing in reservoirs is the most complicated. It requires not only the best time to lift rods, but also the flexible mind of fishermen. It is necessary to change their tactics at any time according to the actual situation at that time. In reservoir fishing, the cause of failure is often unconventional.

What kind of reservoir is suitable for fishing

What kind of reservoir is suitable for fishing? For living in the surrounding areas of reservoir fishing, this is not a problem, they are familiar with the mountains here, looking for fishing is not a problem. For friends who live in the field, this is a big problem. When we open the map, we will see the various shapes of the reservoir. Which reservoir is suitable for fishing? What position is suitable for fishing? If the map you are using is more accurate, we can talk about it on the basis of the shape of the reservoir.

From the analysis of the terrain, the reservoir can be divided into the following categories, namely valley type reservoir,  hilly reservoir and plain reservoir, according to the valley type reservoir bottom state, the valley type reservoir is divided into two kinds, both valley type reservoir and the reservoir valley, valley type reservoir bottom shape like "V" find the bottom is very easy. reservoir bottom as "U" shape, it is very difficult to find the bottom. Here we analyze these different shapes of reservoirs in order to find some regular things.

From the map, the valley type reservoir shape mostly like a worm, thin and long, there are a lot of gutter and fork, the reservoir slope generally along with the surrounding mountain slope changes, the shore near the water depth is shallow, some in the gutter and fork inside the slope but also is smaller, some the position may be longer plants, these places are good places to lift the rod. For example, the "Qinglong" Gorge reservoir belongs to this type.

Canyon reservoir and valley type reservoir is nearly same shape, only is a lot less ditch fork, gorge reservoir bottom is relatively flat, because of the impact of water flow for many years, took away a lot of material from bed, the river gradually dropped to the current position, the entire river is like an alley, from the shore to the bottom of the basic it is vertical. The position of some Canyon reservoirs is originally a "gleam of day". It is difficult to imagine the difficulty of fishing around here. The "Zhuwo" reservoir should be like this type.

In this alley, fishing is difficult, the first is hard to find exact position that people can stay, it is difficult to find the bottom, even to find the bottom, not necessarily is the position that fish love to stay , probably only a small protruding stone, those small ditch fork and the upper reaches of the shallow water is suitable for fishing location. If you are an outsider who does not know the details of the situation, you will have more difficulties than the local people's Congress.

Hilly reservoirs are most easily identifiable. Most of them are similar to irregular geometric patterns. The difference between length and width is far less than that of valley type reservoirs, and most of them are located on the edge of mountain areas. From the terrain, the reservoir has a large number of ravines, shoals, namely the most conducive to fishing in the waters of the terrain, you can use a variety of different fishing tackle, if properly selected well then you met a fish chance.The "Miyun" reservoir, "Guanting"reservoir and Yuqiao reservoir all belong to this type.

Plain reservoirs are on the plains, mostly built on the original small and medium-sized wetlands. If we build dams around the wetlands, we can store a lot of water, so as to achieve the purpose of irrigation. There are a lot of aquatic plants in the reservoir and form a relatively closed ecosystem. For anglers, it is very easy to find fishing spots here. The "Han Shiqiao" reservoir and the "ChongQing" reservoir all belong to this kind of reservoir.

How to choose a fishing position based on a reservoir dam.

There are two main ways of fishing: one is fishing on the surface or middle layer of water, the other is fishing on the bottom of the water. Here is the experience of fishing the bottom fish in the reservoir.

All reservoir dams are different. The most obvious difference is the proportion between the length and the width of the dam. We can analyze it according to the visual measurement. But this is just a personal view, just a few references. Excuse me.

In various large and medium-sized reservoirs, dam length and width ratio if less than 3:1, the reservoir is likely to be the valley shaped or Canyon reservoir, looking for fishing position or fishing transfering on the long distance may be difficult, we should go to the reservoir upstream or inside for fishing. If the ratio of the length to the width of the dam is greater than the 4:1, the upstream of the dam may be a hilly reservoir, and we can find a fishing position near the dam. Of course, this point of view is not necessarily accurate when it is not understood in paper. However, when we selected for the ice reservoir, this is a relatively successful experience.

We can judge the reservoir depth, according to the height of the dam in general, the dam heigher is nearly same to  the reservoir deepth, The upstream water is shallower. According to the depth of the water near the dam, we can roughly estimate the suitable position for fishing and find the place where the depth is suitable.

Problems that must be paid attention to in reservoir fishing

The water characteristics,water is deeper then oxygen content is smaller, the deeper the more pressure, which determines the fish in the water inside the depth, generally speaking, some of the larger species more resistant to hypoxia, such as carp, grass carp can stay in deep water for a long time, according to the author's experience this depth, should be in 10 meters, the maximum limit should not be more than 15 meters. The smaller size of the body and the weight of the fish should be shallow, the depth of their activity space is about 5 meters, and most of the activities are within 5 meters.

We should first consider the safety of fishing position, while we are fishing in reservoirs. Safety is very important. We must never neglect it. Especially when night fishing and continuous operations are carried out, the safety of fishing must be mentioned firstly. According to the actual situation to choose fishing objects and fishing tackles, as long as the fishing tackle can be suitable for the depth of the water can be.

It is necessary to clarify that fishing in a reservoir is not necessarily throw fishing rod to a long distance, as long as it is able to reach a predetermined depth of water. If you run out of strength to sea pole up far, depth of fishing position  far over that places fishing activities usually, it is difficult to have a fish to bite, the result is often a "miserable world".

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