Little talking about reservoir fishing-2

 Little talking about reservoir fishing-2

Problems that must be solved in reservoir fishing

When we fish in the reservoir, we have to test the depth and bottom of the water. How to use the pole test of water depth and bottom conditions,then do not have to elaborate, fishing anglers knowed, as long as the float for fishing in the surrounding for several times, will be able to understand the change of water.

The use of fishing rods in the reservoir, the first task is to explore the bottom of the water, try to find a relatively flat position, must be kept the test of float for fishing around, according to the change of the depth of the mesh that floats out. If there is no trial, it is likely to set the fishing position at the top of a stone. Although the height of this stone is only two hundred or three hundred millimeters, it is a difficult place for fish. If the fishing point is placed on the edge of the stone, the effect is obviously different. It is essential to first test the state of water before fishing in a mountain reservoir.

Reservoir bottom is not flat, there is a certain slope, which increases the difficulty,representation form is often fail to see the float, how to solve this problem? If you are using the traditional method of fishing, as long as the float collar back slightly to a point on the line. If you are using a hanging pendant fishing, we recommend that you refer to the following three suggestions to me.

1. first of all, we must increase the accuracy rate of the rod, and strive to make every pole placement within 100 mm, and then float up state at the same time line, and stop the water pressure at the same time float upright post, so you can put in the 50 mm range control point about it.

If your placement is not accurate, suggest you adjust the float, the adjustment is set to six to seven, increasing the exposed surface of the mesh. You might think, does this not reduce the sensitivity? The answer is affirmative, the sensitivity will be affected, but to solve one of the most important issues, you can see the float, only to see the float to fishing. However, the sensitivity of the loss will be compensated, the reservoir is mostly fish, take a ferocious bite, the action is very obvious, often appear "endless" situation.

 2. because of the bottom slope, plus the placement is not accurate, a role in bait gravity often show a different number, if exposed rarely shows the depth of the mesh, I think, in the bottom of the uneven places with the best fishing bait bait adjustable float, when far from the shore, two hanging bait that is the end of fishing from. When a bait falls to the bottom and another bait is suspended or rubbed, it should be almost the same as usual. If the two bait is at the bottom, it will be similar to fishing for lead. Only in this way can we never see float, only to see a signal according to a master rod time.

3.The proportion of the float ups and downs depends on the bleach and bait, if you use a small proportion of some food will reduce the degree of float sinking. The reservoir inside the fish feeding well, mostly without partial bait habits, which lays a good foundation for us to choose the proportion of small bait, use a small proportion of some food, you will appear between the fishing effect is good, very good, better, best degree of difference.

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