MUST SEE!! Five fishing points you have to know in spring

MUST SEE!! Five fishing points you have to know in spring

1,The beach for fishing. The shoal system refers to the shallow water area. Fishing in ponds, reservoirs, Try to fish in ponds and reservoirs as soon as possible. Since the spring, although the water temperature is low, but the water temperature in shallow water, slightly higher than the deep water area. At this time, the fish like "warm" not "cold", migrating from the deep water to the shallow water.

2, fishing bay. The Bay refers to the tributaries and tributaries of rivers, lakes, seas and reservoirs. There is a natural place where fish live and spawn.

3, The wind. The water moves along with the wind, and the oxygen is enough. The wind will also bring the microbes, algae and floating insects, chaff, pollen and weeds into the draught, and the fish will swim to the draught.

4, The rain. There is a lot of rain in spring, usually drizzle. The temperature of the water after the rain will not drop sharply. After the rain, the water is fresher and the oxygen dissolved in the water will increase greatly. At this moment, the fish will feel comfortable. After the rain, the grass on the ground, leaves and insects, algae washed into the water, have become delicacy for fish.

5,The fogging. The foggy in spring usually takes place in the morning, at this time the fish usually do not eat anything. Wait until the fog began to disperse, the water temperature with the weather gradually increased, then the fish, by the "static" to "dynamic", is particularly active.

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