Night fishing skills

Fishing from a living behavior gradually evolved into a kind of entertainment of a mind, from the ancient waiting passively and gradually evolved into play skills into the new science and technology, fishing activities are becoming more and more safe, relaxed and happy. Recently, night fishing has been quietly popular all over the world. Indeed, some fish love, nocturnal eating, but this is not the most important, the main reason is to avoid direct night fishing activities in the hot sun, reduce UV damage to the human body, is conducive to fishing more dedicated, more make full use of personal leisure time, and not just in the weekend and holidays. Let the fish enjoy the unique taste and is also suitable for fishing, those who eat fish and some night activities day and night to eat fish.

So what are the tricks of the night fishing? First of all is dress. The temperature varies greatly at night, usually with cold and damp fishing suits. In midsummer night, you can also use a raincoat. The tent is the necessary equipment in the night fishing. It can prevent mosquitoes and hide the wind and rain. The lighting tools are necessary. From the beginning of fishing preparation, to every moment of fishing to fish, the necessary lighting fixtures can not be separated.

The best is to use a night fishing float induction. The night fishing has always been a difficult problem for the fishing friends. It is possible to solve this problem thoroughly by using the timing positioning to play the nest and drift. Wireless alarm and alarm, once the fish bite, you must use the alarm to inform you there is a fish which put on the pole. Wireless alarm is the alarm apparatus in yourself, and you can show in particular have a bite which put on the pole, very convenient. A cabling ship with a remote control device is an ideal night fishing tool, but the price is expensive.

In addition, in the field of night fishing, also should be equipped with defensive fishing tools and fire, for his use.


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