The method of fishing carp in the spring

The method of  fishing carp in the spring

一.The choice of a fishing position

The spring water temperature is relatively low, the fishing should be selected in the depth of 1 ~ 1.5 meters, there is sunshine, Lee River Bay, the grass, the import and export of back water flow and the rocks beside piles place, if you can find no mud hard bottom or ditch Kaner in these places, it is wonderful extremely. Because carp love clean, hard bottom, ditch is foraging, they may play the most frequented place, it is often said that "the fishway". And carp likes to live in gregarious life, usually 2~4pcs groups.

In the sun, leeward, a selection of inlet of Bacillus nest, do not deliberately seek far and deep, as long as there is a certain depth, sometimes a little closer, a little light effect will be better. Especially when sunny, the water temperature is 2~3 degrees high to other waters, the photosynthesis of aquatic animals and plants grow,is a good food source for fish, fish are the most love here for feeding, heating, playing in the water.


二. Selection of fishing tackle.

According to the terrain, 2.7 or 4.5 meters of hard carbon or other tough fishing rods should be selected. This fishing rod has a sensitive response and a good ability to control fish. After that, the fish will not drill into the weeds, causing the fish to run.

When fishing in a pond with 1.5# line,1# strong sub line, if fishing in the reservoir, so the line diameter will increase 0.5#. But be careful, must take the line straight before that, for the children of micro fish, fishing line winding water reflected on the float fish are often very little, big lag, often lost opportunity in fact.


The choice of float 3~4# is peacock or Barr fir. The floating tail force is the best. This floating force is moderate, just matches with the micro mouth fish, and it can reflect the fish news correctly. It is suitable for catching big fish and catching small fish. It is a good combination.

Drifting float is an important link to the success or failure of fishing. I do it according to the following steps, and the effect is very good.

(1) hooking with the appropriate weights for the bottom (but should not be too heavy, so as not to fall into the mud under the hook caused, and will not find the correct bottom) float to flat water, then between the hook and the top of the float tail length is the depth of the water.

(2) the floater down up to 10 cm, two hook hanging on the normal bait, bait suspension changes lead to two bleach surface 1.

(3) to float 10 cm + 1 mesh line, named "A", this is qualitative, it marks the normal fishing bait is a two drop bottom just another bait suspended in water, then the fishing group is very sensitive. In the future, both the fishing and the blunting should be firmly calibrated with space beans.


Note: fishing baits and the drifting bait should be the same, if use hard bait when adjusting, and atomization bait should be up to 1 mesh line based on "A", to offset the lost weight after atomization hooks group.

The above refers to the method of adjusting water after full floater.

The hook should be used without barbed "edou" 8~9# or 0.5#  "new northeast"; line to the appropriate length, upper and lower two hook distance should be increased to 4~6 cm.

In addition to take the fish, fish control technology is also very important, should make full use of the elastic rod and line extension of the fish, found the momentum right to early forcing it to turn around, do not make the fish drill into the grass carp especially when fishing to yourself, and it will be led into the light as soon as possible without water the obstacle is to walk, to prevent the formation of a mermaid tug of war battle, that it can hardly be avoided break running fish.


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