The skill of fishing to catch big fish with small float bait

The skill of fishing to catch big fish with small float bait

Fish nest, believe this is both in sports or leisure fishing in the fishing friends to let you suck. The solution is not without, for example: the use of appropriate hook fishing, bait quickly to the end, crossed the waters in the upper part of the small fish on the use of light crude granular bait Wo, luring big drive and so on. But in the actual process of fishing, you will often find that the fish into the nest, fish is no less where appropriate, although the hook can hook the bait quickly to dens, but the lack of flexibility.

So, what is it?

I took out my fishing experience as an analytical reference. I found a slightly flat place to catch a fishing box and I could go fishing with my heart. I looked at the river in front of me and wondered how big the fish was in this river. I don't think I can catch a lot of fish. I use the 5.4 meters taiwan fishing Rod -named "wind",fishing line No. 2, No. 1.2, No. 2 "new northeast" BARBLESS hooks inserted float for a big reservoir, 7 fishing regulation 3. The diet is used to fine bran, coarse flour, crushed millet as main raw material, with "Jin long, Laogui polyculture preferred" "918" number 2 and other merchandise bait. Pinch in the lead on the way into the hanging fish nest, a dozen small group, hanging bait.

The bait did not end, began to float up and down non-stop dithering, lifting fishing pole is an empty pole, occasionally the fish were less than 2 inch long beak. I guess it may be because the bait begins to quickly atomized, the little fish is irritation and the bait on the upper and middle levels of the water. So I try to change the adjustable number of fish, 4 to 2 fishing, adjustable 2 Fishing 5 way to test again. Slowly, the bait in the water - not to the end of the phenomenon has obviously improved, but also a stand in the water can be relatively safe. But after a long period of time, or in a motionless. After more than 1 hours, did not signal a decent, next to adhere to appropriate fishing spirit Diaoyou has started on fish. What should I do?

I think of the technique of running the lead fish in the athletic field. So I immediately unplug the large library float, put a catch 3 small carp drift, then opened more than 10 cm space beans, baiting hooks into the water. The drift point first stabilized on the surface of the water. Soon, there was a change. The long lost fish news appeared again, and the rods were weighted. Most of the hooks were larger carp and crucian carps than those on the side.

It has been proved that this method is more stable.

The above is some of my personal experience in freshwater fishing, and I hope to give a reference to friends who like to fish in fresh water.

When we pay attention to fishing skills, it is also very important to choose good fishing tools. For example, a light and strong fishing rod, water cut and strong fishing line will bring us good experience.


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