The skill of throwing line in a game

Let the wind is cast after the line straight, contain buoy sinking, or be slack in the water, the bait swing and increase the rate of fish has positive significance.

There is a rule in the game when the fishing position in the middle is fishing farther and farther, and it is later to go to the center of the pond for fish. The reason for this is that the fish has been shocked and not able to get close to the unified placement of the fish, so it usually needs to throw a full line, but this is quite different. At the beginning, when the buoy turned over, it took 2~3 centimeters back gently to cause the swinging of the line. The purpose was to find the fish layer. If the tip up, indicating the fish at the top, can keep the buoy move down a bit, then the wind line appears straight, but not tight; if the fishing buoy to go down, it is up to grab the fish bait, can buoy up, so that the wind line short to improve the degree of tension. After several adjustments, the fish layer is detected, and then the hook must be thrown to the foot, because only a fixed point can be found.

In the third round or the fourth round of competition, the fish is in disorder. At this time, we should throw 80% lines to reduce the wind line's restraint on the buoys and the sinking of the falling ones. This is to break the chaotic fish layer. The wind will adjust to the tight line from sagging to find fish, but the hook must be two bait in front, in the lead, or hit the water falling on the shock fish. And the 80% line will appear buoy rebound phenomenon, need to be more careful.

The last round of fish did not mouth, there is also a mess, in adjusting the water line, throwing 80% lines can not solve the problem, can be back to the full line. The use of this tactic can not blindly seek far and should pay attention to the combination of distance, always pay attention to the original fishing fish season, don't give up. Throwing the full line is a basic requirement for fishing. It is easy and simple to find the fish layer, and it will not be confused by the ambiguous fish news, and it can stabilize the fish to some extent.


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