The tip of catching crucian carp with earthworm

The tip of catching crucian carp with earthworm

The tip of the earthworm is used for the spring fish. the main object is to feed the carp, of course,red insects and earthworms is best choice, this is also our fishing friends have been recognized.

If these two bait are used well, a good effect can be achieved. If you do not use it well, you can only make the good bait as a malpractice.

So we can't fight too much when we nest before fishing. We can get a big bait with egg yolk. Then we put it into a wide container. use that same  bait material with that nest bait per time,so that your fishing position will have much good baits, the effect is better than the nest.

And this is the best way to use in the spring, because the spring fish smaller, if the summer, small fish will disturb the position, you can not see the effect.

And in the use of earthworms, it is best not to use the part of the worm that has no lines in that circle, because the crucian carp does not like the taste. Another point to note is that when we hook earthworms, we should pay attention to expose the hook, cut the two ends of the earthworms, which is to spread the smell faster.

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