Anglers should play slow jigging fishing like this!!!

Most of the sea fishing people know that slow jigging is a new way of fishing  The biggest difference with the general iron plate fishing method is that there is no need for the rhythm of the force to twitch, as long as the iron plate action can be made. This kind of soft rod fishing method will have a special effect when the fish's activity is not high.

1.what kind of fish for slow jigging fishing

For Taiwan, the target fish of the slow-rolling plate fishing method are mainly grouper, whipfish, sea bream, silky-tailed sea bream, silver carp, golden bream, tuna and other migratory fish with high economic value.


slow jigging fishing(Slow-speed iron-plate fishing) does not require intense swaying, and currently known depths can reach about 500 meters. The deeptarget fish reaching this number are both rare and privately traded species with considerable economic value. The general goal of Lu Ya is not a big thing, or it is a new species caught by Lu Ya.

 2.slow jigging(Slow rolling iron) fishing method

Why is it that the slow jigging (slow-rolling iron plate) does not require intense shaking bait? Slow-Pitch, High-Pitch and Long-Fall are the three main modes of operation of the slow-rolling iron plate.


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Slow-Pitch, as the name suggests, is a relatively slow-paced operation in the iron plate to the bottom, the state of the rod level coiler will be one or two or one quarter of a circle, the use of the elasticity of the rod to bounce the iron plate, so that the iron plate has a small jump of the natural lure action.

High-Pitch is the rapid operation of the coiling wire when coupled with the lifting of the fishing rod so that the iron plate can have a large jump to lure the predatory fish.

Long-Fall's main trick is to lure fish by lifting the rod up and down at a large angle so that the plate falls when it sinks.

These three slow-jigs will use different lengths of rods because of different fishing grounds or different currents, so the experience and judgment on the fishing grounds are different.

Generally speaking, the attack time of fish is mainly in the condition of stopping the iron plate. Long-Fall's message is different when attacking. Long-Fall's message is that the iron plate is lifted upward at a large angle to allow the iron plate to fall naturally. So some fish's message is that the fish has been hooked when the iron plate is falling. At this time, the line after you lift will stop sinking, or the fish will come at the moment when the iron plate has fallen. Just bait.

The Slow-Jig special rod is designed to make it easy for you to operate the iron plate and drive the iron plate, not to use the elastic wrestling of the fishing rod as hard as the iron plate rod does. The Slow-Jig special rod only needs slight bending force and the braking force of the coiler. Also because the use of thin wire is not suitable for violent walking fish, so the winder brake smoothness is very important.

So Slow-Jig's experience is that when you walk, you just take the line slowly and let the slight bend of the fishing rod cushion it. The harder you walk the fish, the harder the fish will fight back. The slower you take the line, the fish will go up slowly. So enjoy walking slowly. Long-Fall and Slow-Pitch fishing generally choose long rods, because long-Fall and Slow-Pitch fishing are dependent on the rod's elasticity and length. High-Pitch must depend on the elasticity and length of the fishing rod. High-Pitch's operation suggests choosing a short rod, mainly because the rapid operation of the iron plate during fishing can save the angler a lot of energy.

Generally speaking, it is suggested that the fishing rod and the iron plate should be selected according to the depth of the fishing ground and the water flow. The water flow is strong, and the short rod and the long slow iron plate should be selected as far as possible in deep water. When the water is shallow and the water flow is slow, it is recommended to choose slow iron plates with long rods and short rods. Of course, this is not absolute, must be based on the conditions of the fishing ground to make changes, but also because the slow iron plate sinks slower than the general iron plate, will cause the iron plate to hit the bottom of the message is not obvious. Therefore, the use of a relatively fine PE line, the use of 1.5-3 is recommended, the front conductor with carbon line 8-12.

In fishing, the habit is to roll the iron plate five times quickly after knocking the bottom, make the iron plate jump up quickly and make it sink naturally, then slowly lift, drop, take up the line, or take up, lift, put down, so that the iron plate presents the natural action. Sometimes there will be a clear signal of fish in the moment of lifting, or when you put it down, you will find that your iron plate will not sink, which is also the fish bait news, but also because the line is used more thin, greatly increasing the fun of walking fish, there are many kinds of slow iron plate on the market, each kind of slow iron plate has its action, so in the Temporary judgment and change is the most important thing.

The choice of fishing rods. Each rod factory will be on the factory standard applicable to the iron plate grams of the length of the fishing rod and applicable to the fishing ground, more shallow water depth to select the appropriate rod is a good rod. At present, this kind of slow iron plate fishing is very popular, because no matter what the depth of the fishing ground, as long as it is properly prepared, any species of fish can be caught.


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