Catch High economic value fish by slow pitch jigging

A new way of fishing is called slow-rolling iron plate(slow pitch jigging), which is different from the ordinary iron plate fishing method. It doesn't need to work hard and rhythmically. The main thing is to do the action of iron plate. You can use the action of lifting and closing the line to let the iron plate fall naturally or arbitrarily. When the fish's activity is not high, it can also have a special effect. It is also a soft rod fishing method.

The following small edition from the object of this fishing method and the actual operation techniques, to elaborate on one or two, I hope to be helpful to everyone who loves sea fishing.

slow pitch jigging

Speaking of iron plate, everyone's first reaction must be fast pumping. For iron plate fast pumping, many people feel love and hate, love the feeling of fish in it, hate its devil-like muscle training.

In the sea, the big fish always attack the weak and injured small fish first. It's natural. Looking carefully at the injured small fish, you will find that it does not move regularly, stops from time to time, twitches, or floats to the bottom of the water. So, this is what the slow-rolling iron plate imitates.

Slow-shaking fishing, in fact, is not slow, but there is a pause in the process of shaking, but the rhythm is continuous, so, this rhythm is relatively fast, it is much slower, naturally, with the name of slow-shaking.

At present, the main target fish of slow shaking fishing method are grouper, whip fish, real bream, shore bream, silk-tailed shore bream, bigeye silver carp, golden bream, tuna and other migratory species and benthic high economic value fish species.

goofish slow pitch jigging

Slow-rolling iron plate fishing also does not require intense bait, so far the known depth has been able to catch about 500 meters. The deep target fish reaching this metre number are all rare and of considerable economic value in the market. The general goal of Lucians is either a big thing or a new species caught by Luya.

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    Hello, which rod do you recommend for water depths from 50m to 200m?
    and what jig weight do you recommend
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