Difference between PE 4 and PE 8 in deep field fishing


Difference between PE 4 and PE 8 in deep field fishing

First, the four part is characterized by rough surface, eight smooth and round (Figure four).

Secondly, the number of four stocks is less, the number of eight stocks is more, in other words, the gap between the four parts is less, and the gap between the eight parts is large (Figure three).

These two points determine the fate of the four and the eight.


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First of all, if the surface is irregular and the surface is smooth and rounded, the principle is the same as that of the holes and holes deliberately made by the golf ball. It belongs entirely to the principle of fluid mechanics. The more the smooth sphere is, the greater the tail resistance is. If the surface is irregular, the width of turbulent flow behind the sphere will be greatly reduced. In other words, the width of turbulent flow behind the sphere is air resistance. Force or water resistance.

Sea water is flowing, as Fig. 5 PE line will be blown and bent, this bending is the resistance of our drawing plate, the width of the surface irregular turbulent flow (Fig. 2) is small, the resistance is small. The relative curvature of the eight wire will be smaller.

Secondly, the number of holes in the fourth part is much less than that in the eighth part (the more holes in the strands, the more holes) of course, the eighth part is more flexible than the fourth part, so the eighth part is suitable for shallow-field iron-drawing plate and bow throwing, because the force and energy of the shallow-field fish are relatively direct, and the impact force of the eighth part can be absorbed by the elastic force of the fish without breaking the line, and the eighth part has a smooth surface The resistance in the guide ring is small and the throw distance is far away.

But the fourth part is suitable for large gram iron plate and deep field because it has less space and less flexibility, and it is easier to transmit operation energy to iron plate.

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Difference between PE 4 and PE 8 in deep field fishing

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And the four-braid surface roughness and golf ball surface as the principle of rectification effect, can reduce the PE line resistance to the minimum.

All in all, there are advantages and disadvantages. Understanding the performance of the eight-part series will give full play to its advantages when it is used in throwing and shallow-court slow-motion.

And the emphasis of the deep field is to reduce the PE degree of expansion of one meter to increase the sensitivity and the amount of movement of the iron plate.

The performance of the understanding line will not leave any regrets on the blade.


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