FAQ: 13 ask & answer for Jigging fishing


Q: how big should I use JIG?

Answer: Generally speaking, 100 grams of iron plates are used at a depth of 30 meters. For example, 300 grams of iron plates can be used at a depth of 300 meters. You can also use heavier iron plates when the wind is strong or when the water is running.


Q: where should I tie the iron plate?

Answer: generally hook is tied to the top of the iron plate.


Q: how many hooks should I use?

Answer: usually only a hook is attached to it. But you can add a hook at the top or bottom. Adding a hook also increases the possibility that the hook will be entangled with the bait line. If the hook hangs at the bottom of the plate, you'll be more likely to hang it when the plate touches the bottom of the sea.


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Q: I have no professional tools. Can I play Jigging?

Answer: You can use any successful jigging rod, but it's easier and easier to use a professional jigging tackle. When you have used professional fishing tackle, you will find that you need to update fishing tackle immediately.


Q: why do many jigging people like to use rubber bands to hook hooks on iron plates?

Answer: When the jigs fall or rise in the water, they attract nearby fish and attack the plate. If the hook is out of the middle fish area, you can hardly catch the fish. This rubber band is a simple way to correct the hook and keep it in the middle fish area. Another factor is that second hooks can be attached to the side of the iron plate instead of being thrown around.


Q: is it necessary to use plastic pipes above?

Answer: This is your decision. Hooks tied with rubber bands will reduce the chance of plaque and John dory. Some fishermen in Asia think that many fish will attack hooks, so they think they should not hook them.


Q: do you need 6:1's high speed wheel to Jigging?

Answer: No. In fact, I recommend some low-speed wheels to Jigging, such as a 4:1 or 5:1 fishing wheel that can give you more power to pull heavy plates or big fish. The present Japanese style iron plate is designed to be more beautiful than high speed.


Q: which one should I choose for spinning wheels and overhead reel?

Answer: it varies from person to person. The two wheels have achieved great success all over the world. No matter which wheel you choose, as long as you can choose the pole.


Q: how can I tie the bait line with the wiring?

Answer: The best way is to learn to use some of the high-performance wire binding methods recommended by the Japanese, such as PR knot, FG knot, GT knot, Midknot. These methods are not only very strong but also streamlined.


Q: how high is the activity scope of iron plate in water jig?

Answer: This is based on the location of the fish found in your fish detector. Generally speaking, I pull JIG to 10 meters to catch the grouper and pull it to 20 meters to catch KING FISH. You can determine the JIGGING height according to the fish's habits. Of course, KING FISH can be caught in the whole water area.


Q: what color iron plate should I choose?

Answer: the choice of color is generally based on personal preference. A better way is to determine the brightness of light. For example: dark weather - dark; distinct weather - silver or bright; early morning or dusk - black, purple or night light. (For this rule, I also expressed doubts) The best way is: before the first iron plate into the water, we discuss the use of different colors, if which color is easy to fish, and then everyone changes that color!


Q: how do I know when to use the center of gravity in the middle of the iron plate or the tail iron plate?

Answer: The center of gravity in the middle of the iron plate in the water will have a variety of swing action, generally used in the diving area, the center of gravity below the iron plate in the deep water area, to overcome the current and ship drift, the purpose is to reach the bottom faster. These two kinds of iron plates can be used to catch KING FISH quickly, and HAPUKA or SNAPPER can be used for slow use.


Q: why must wiring be used?

Answer: Modern Jigging use wiring. Because we can now fish in deep water, it is necessary to use non-stretching lines so that every movement of the stalk can be transmitted to the iron plate. At the same time, smaller cabling can use smaller fish wheels to make Jigging equipment lighter and more sensitive.



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