Five mistaken ideas of jigging for sea fishing

After several years of practical experience in jigging( iron plate )fishing to say my point of view, in fishing found that many novices, including some veterans of the choice of jigging rod( iron plate pole) there are many wrong understanding. When many fishing friends choose poles, they always ask if they are strong enough. Will they break? No iron bar to catch.


1. Is fishing rod bigger and bigger? The stronger the better?

The rod must be matched with the depth of the fishing ground, the size of the fish, and the physical strength of the angler to consider the selection of the most suitable rod for your physical strength. The larger the water depth is, the larger the jigging lure (iron plate) we use. Accordingly, we need iron plates with a large number of grams. The bigger the fish, the bigger the pole. For example, in New Zealand waters, the water depth is 60 meters. But when choosing the fishing pole, you start with at least 300 grams, because the monster is crossing, the pole, the waist is not enough, the fish will be very difficult to start. In Zhoushan, the water depth of the Saddle Reef is also less than 60 meters, but because the fish body is relatively small, usually choose 150 grams, or even 100 grams of rods.

Fishermen are physically strong, with big arms and waists, and have great endurance. Of course, a 500-gram rod like an iron rod can be used to kill all fishing grounds. But I don't think all fishermen have this physique. Most of them are physically normal, or they want to use their strength in the fighting phase, rather than spending their strength in the long drawing process. So, the general fisherman to consider their own physical strength, to match the rod, such as my horsepower, even to Xisha, I play a maximum of 250 grams - 300 grams of rod, to my small body, a 500 grams of rod, I estimate that it does not take an hour, I automatically surrendered.


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2, the same fishing ground, take 150 grams of rods and 400 grams of pole fishing, with which rod tired?

When you use a thick rod and pull the jigging lure( iron plate), the bending range of the rod is not large. The weight of the iron plate(jigging) is basically transmitted directly to your hand. The fisherman with a thin rod, because the fishing rod is relatively soft, the bending range of the rod is relatively large. When you pull the iron plate, the weight of the iron plate is relatively cushioned, so the weight of the iron plate will not be very tired. You will spend a lot of time with heavy rods than those with thin rods. Therefore, the physical general friends, after understanding the size of the fishing ground fish, try to choose a small rod, so that there will be all-day fighting physical strength. Many fishermen feel that the iron plate is physical work, too tired, in fact, he chose too hard rod to go to sea, physical expenditure several times more than others.


3, how many sections of  rod are good?

The ideal rod should be one-knot, including any rod (river, sea and all other fishing rods), the same material and technology, one-knot rod in the production of the lightest, strongest, the best tuning.

But the actual 6-meter river fishing rod, if made into a single joint, unless the factory brain rust, very simple, because can not carry. But the length of the iron rod is generally between 1.5-1.8 meters, the length of the rod is conditional to make a single node or two. Overseas high-grade iron plate rods are unique, and now some of the domestic rods are beginning to become unique. There is another mistake in buying a single pole friend that a general car can not carry such a long pole.

In fact, the most popular Santana sedan in China can easily carry 4-6 1.8m iron slab poles (just put the tip of the stalk toward the rear window and the pole in the middle of the front two seats, without hindering the backseat passengers and the front driver). And the single-knot stalk, there is another advantage, can be set before the start of the wheel, hook groups are installed, before starting fishing, just hang the iron plate into the road sub-ring can be off the rod fishing (2 knot pole, if carried in sections, must be loaded on a bumpy boat, assembly fishing group). If the fish is in good condition, by the time the two-legged fisherman gets off the pole, the quick one-legged fisherman may have pulled 3-5.

4, is the rod long or short?

Orthodox iron boat fishing, generally straight up and down fishing, rather than throwing the iron plate as ordinary Luya throw out fishing, so generally do not consider the throwing of words, only consider the point of view of saving fish effort, the rod can be slightly longer, relatively short thick rod.

Otherwise 400 grams of pole, if the length is too long, meet the monster on the ship, the pole waist strength is enough, but because of the force arm, I am afraid you do not have so much strength to pull the monster. According to the design of JM short pole pie, the small pole is generally 1.65 meters long, the big pole is generally 1.5 meters long.


5, will the pole break?

In addition to quality reasons, the most important reason for broken pole is man-made reason. To avoid the short pole can not blindly choose the big pole, but need skills, good control, 150 grams of pole, up to 20 kg of fish is not a dream.

The angle of the pole should be paid attention to at all times when the pole is lifted. When the pole is pulled up, the pole should not be lifted up by a large margin. When the pole is medium or large, special attention should be paid to it. Attention should be paid to the pole angle. Otherwise, when you meet a monster, you will not be far away from the detonating pole. Small fish, such as the use of thin rods, such as 150 grams of rods, flying 5 jin fish on board the boat when attention should be paid to, the front wire should be shortened to the fish from the stem about 30 centimeters, and then the fish carried on board, otherwise flying fish on board, the rod and the horizontal plane of the angle is very large, it is easy to break the rod tip.

Our dream is to choose the lightest equipment possible, with the most reasonable physical distribution, the best feel, to challenge themselves.


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