Introduction and key points of manipulation techniques for fishing skills of slow fishing and slow jigging



A new kind of fishing method called slow-rolling iron plate, which is different from the general iron plate fishing method, is that it doesn't need to twitch hard and rhythmically, but mainly makes the action of the iron plate. You can use the action of lifting and releasing the line, so that the iron plate has a natural fall, or arbitrary action is possible to catch fish, relatively low activity in the fish can also have a special effect, is also a kind of soft rod fine line stroke big fish fishing method. The following author from the object of this method of fishing and the actual operation of the technique, to elaborate on one or two, I hope to love the sea fishing will be helpful to everyone.

When it comes to iron plate, everyone's first reaction must be quick. For iron plate fast, many people feel love and hate. Love the feeling of fish in it, hate its demonic muscle training. With the passage of time, Mr. Norihiro Sato invented the new iron plate fishing method: slow shake iron plate.

One. The advantage of slow rolling iron plate

1: target fish species are more abundant (from upper to bottom).

2: regardless of the activity of fish, the slow swing fishing method can attract fish.

3: the most important thing is that slow fishing can help you catch more fish.


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Two, how does the slow swing fishing method produce effect?

In the sea, big fish always attack small and wounded little fish first. This is nature. If you look closely at the injured fish, you'll find that it swims irregularly, stops, twitches, or floats to the bottom. So this is the imitation of slow rolling iron plate.

Slow-roll fishing, in fact, is not slow-roll, but there is a pause in the process of rolling the wheel, but this rhythm is continuous. Therefore, this rhythm is relatively fast to smoke, it is much slower, naturally, with the name of slow shake.

Three. Slow moving fish.

At present, the target fish of slow-angling are mainly grouper, whip, sea bream, sea bream, silky-tailed sea bream, silver carp, golden bream, tuna and other migratory fish and benthic high economic value fish.

Slow-swaying is also known to reach depths of about 500 meters because it does not require intense swaying. The depth target fish reaching this number are all rare and highly economic fish on the market. The general goal of the Lua people is not big fish, or it is a new species caught by Lua.

Four. The key points of the slow swing fishing method.

1) lifting poles and shaking wheels.

The action of lifting pole and rocking wheel is simultaneous. At some time, the pole can be pumped up. It can be a roll, or a half volume, or 1 / 4 rolls when the wheels are on wheels. T0 e, S+. P/ K, j

When the pole is lifted, or when it is pumped up, it will stop immediately, so that the tip of the pole will rebound. The iron plate will follow the rod up, and as the center of gravity changes, it will fall to the other side. This left-to-right movement is the key to attracting fish to attack.

2) raise the pole without shaking the wheel.

Then the iron plate will fall, continue to lift the rod, not the wheel, and the iron plate is like dancing in the water. When the bait is swayed, when the iron plate sinks and the tip of the rod has been bent by the weight of the iron plate, remember to lift the rod immediately. When the bait falls, the chances of a Chinese fish are the highest.

Five, the details of iron plate shake slowly.

The following pictures and corresponding detail analysis can help you get a clear understanding of the main points of action.

In the first drawing, please note that the pole and line are 90 degrees. The rod can be held still, and the rocking wheel can be (it can be a circle, half a circle, or a quarter of a circle, usually when the wheel is rocked, a sudden pause after a shake, each time in 1 second). Of course, after you're familiar with this technique, your pole doesn't have to be kept at 90 degrees with the fishing line, and it can have a different effect either up or down.

Some people may ask why it is necessary to shake the wheel and pause immediately. This has something to do with the movements behind. Rocking and pause will give the iron plate an upward inertia. This leads to the following second actions.

When you shake the wheel, the tip of the rod comes down first, and of course, after you stop, because of the characteristics of the slow rod and the inertia of the iron plate in the water, the iron plate bounces up, and the iron plate follows, holding the rod and doing nothing. At this point, the iron plate may jump to the other side, continue to fall or rotate (due to the design of the iron plate cutting water effect is different, the movement is not the same)



When I first came into contact with slow rolling, I couldn't bounce back on my own because I didn't study the depth of the water, the weight of the iron plate and the flow of water. Maybe some fishermen have seen some Japanese fishermen's slow-motion videos before and have seen the rods bounce naturally. Yes, that's all for video shows in shallow water, but in deep water. That's not the case.

When the rod tip rebounded, the iron plate fell freely. This is when the probability of the fish attacking the iron plate is high, so when the iron plate falls freely, don't move anything, just wait. At this point, in order to maximize the free fall time of the iron plate, the rod tip can be turned downward after the free fall movement begins. But do we need to maximize the whereabouts? Maybe not. So fishing friends can change their positions when they are fishing. Or when you fall, take a little bit of thread, so that the distance between the drops is also small.

Remember, when the iron plate falls, the line stops and suspends. This may be the Chinese fish.

From the first three steps, a simple set of slow shaking movements has been completed, then, how to connect the middle? When you feel that the tip of the rod is beginning to rise. At this point, continue to do the first step. If the tip of the rod has not been subjected to force, you do the first move of lifting the rod or shaking the wheel, the rebound effect of the iron plate is not good; sometimes, due to water resistance, the tip may not rebound. Try to practice more, find rhythm, when you feel the rhythm of slow shake.


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