Jigging introduction

JIGGING means using iron plate to vertically JIGGING in deep water.

There are many Jigging fishing methods that use long plates like this that are popular in Asia, Oceania, Europe and now spread to the Americas.

In fact, Jigging's technique is one of the oldest fake lures in the world, and its origins date back hundreds of years to Polynesia and Europe. So we can safely believe that this fishing method is feasible.

In the early 90s of last century, the Japanese Yoichi Mogi invented the Jigging fishing method. He tried to make a lot of improvements to the rod, the boat and the iron plate, and promoted his Japanese style of Jigging.


Five mistaken ideas of jigging for sea fishing
Not tired iron plate (JIGGING) fishing method

The traditional way to catch big fish is to use heavy fishing gear, such as thick stalks, thick lines and big baits, which significantly reduces the fun of fighting between the gear and big fish.

But Japanese fishing gear companies are working to redesign their seawater fishing gear, resulting in light and powerful fishing reels and tiny but extremely strong carbon rods. The light and small fish are very entertaining, and they also catch all kinds of big fish.

Effective Jigging is a fishing point that requires the captain to help the angler find Jigging. Originally, fishing was only done with a finder, but for Jigging, the points were different. The captain must know how to find Jigging's catch.

The key to Jigging is to know where the fish is and how deep the water is. The Jigging's fishing line is best for wiring or PE lines. Color wiring can help you determine how deep the water is. In short, it is much better to know the depth of water than you do.

Predatory fish such as KING FISH like to move underwater with reef structures. To find fish at high tide, the captain must have the skill to position the boat properly and stop well before the tide so that the anglers can have time to sink the iron plate into the fishing cage of the fishing probe.

If a small fish is injured or shakes in front of a predatory fish, the large fish will attack the jigs plate, so the fisherman simulates the jigs plate in water by using a fishing rod and a fishing reel like a moving bait.

It is better to use some special skills.

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