Matching of slow speed fishing and equipment for deep-sea fishing

As we gradually experience the rhythm of slow life, there is a slow-jigging, slow-jigging, which is quite different from the fast-jigging jigs we used to play. It has different equipment and techniques, but it has a wide range of fishing species, of course, fighting. Feeling is even more stimulating. What about the battle? If you are lucky, you can easily break your personal record!


The choice of fishing rod 

At present, there are many large factories in Japan, such as evergreen, shimano, plam, deep, liner and other brands have special fishing rods for slow-speed iron plate, mainly distinguished by the weight of iron plate and shaking method, fishing rods have length and short, short rods are about 4 to 5 feet, suitable for use in deep-field heavy iron plate and rapid flow, the definition of heavy iron plate is 300 G. At present, in Japan, the steel plate has been made to be more than 1000g deep field special iron plate. The long pole is suitable for the lighter iron plate, which is less than 300g, and the length is more than 6 feet. The slow-jig poles set by various large factories have their functions and needs, but I think it is more than enough to equip the fishing ground in Taiwan with a short pole and a long pole.


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Matching of slow speed fishing and equipment for deep-sea fishing


Selection of reel

SLOW-JIGGING reel, the comparison of the types on the market, mainly to the handle of the gun rod, why is it based on the handle? The author thinks that the slow-jin fishing method needs to take up the line frequently, so it is a drum-type reel straight up and down, also because SLOW-JIG will have a slower sinking action when sinking, in order to make the iron plate have better transmission at the bottom, so the drum-type reel is the main reel , the selection of the reel is not necessary. With a strong brake force, as long as the line will not have a break point smoothly, but the gear is still a little higher than the author's suggestion, convenient in the bottom of the fish can be quickly snatched up line, to avoid the occurrence of broken reef line.

Generally speaking, the size of the coiler, the author will choose according to the fishing ground, general water depth of 100 meters will choose PE line at least 2 400 meters above the capacity of the coiler, water depth of 100 meters above the line will choose PE2 500 meters above the capacity of the coiler.

The choice of iron plate

There are a lot of slow-speed iron boards on the market in Taiwan now, and each of them boasts the power of their iron boards, but that's not the case. Slow speed iron plate is a lot of need to put the iron plate on the bottom, there will be a sense of speed and slowness (the iron plate will fall), so the preparation and shape of the center of the iron plate is very important, the general author will choose the center of gravity on the center of the slow iron plate or on the side of the center of gravity on the lower side. The author will use the long slow-speed iron plate in the fishing ground over 100 meters. The short slow-speed iron plate will be used in the fishing ground within 100 meters. Of course, the weight and shape of the iron plate must be decided according to the actual situation of the fishing ground.


Selection of hooks

At present, there are many SLOW-JIG special hooks for this kind of fishing gear brand in Japan, which are different from the general special hooks for iron plates. The hooks for SLOW-JIG special hooks are much thinner because of the relationship between the softness of the SLOW-JIG fishing rod and the adjustment of the fine hooks is to better pierce the diamond's mouth, to allow benthic fish and aggression. Not so strong fish good entrance, hook weight also made lightweight changes, of course, if it is for large migratory fish, the author will also choose the general iron hook, hook size will be matched with the iron plate to make a choice, as long as the body is slightly wider than the iron plate, swaying bait with the iron plate can not be entangled.

The choice of line

The choice of bus is mainly PE line, but in order to make the iron plate can reach the bottom when there is a clear signal, so it is recommended to 1.5 to 3 PE as the main choice, the water-shearing performance of the line must be very high, the required meters depend on the depth of the fishing ground, generally speaking, the author uses the 3 bus in the coiler. At least 600 meters or more.

Slow speed boat fishing is a new sea fishing experience. If you want to see its elegant demeanor and effect, fishing enthusiasts must try if they have the opportunity to ensure that there will be a new experience and harvest.


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