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1.What is iron plate jigging?

Jigging is a very popular method of fishing in the world today. It is a kind of sports fishing. It is generally used in boat fishing. The fisherman shakes an iron plate bait like a small fish to attract the attack of big fish and lure the fish to the hook.

Jigging first appeared in Japanese sea fishing, and then became popular all over Japan in just a few years and became popular all over the world. It is understood that this method of fishing is the most effective method of fishing at present, the probability of large and medium-sized fish is very high, such as the iron plate fishing in Japan's forefront has exceeded 300 meters in the deep sea, the use of iron plate road weighs more than one kilogram, every year around the world using this method to catch 100 kilograms of large fish is always good news. Maybe it is the reason why we can keep fit in fishing, that makes Jigging so popular in the world.

2. the choice of iron jigging fishing rod

The jigging rod generally selects 100-200 grams of rods in the offshore area. According to the size of the iron plate you use, choose the corresponding pole.

At present, there are some misunderstandings in the selection of iron plate and rod in China. Some people often think that the fish is big, so we should use a hard and thick rod. In fact, this is a wrong view. The correct view is to choose the right weight of iron plate according to the depth of water. The weight of iron plate determines the size of the rod you choose. The weight of the Tzi and the iron plate matches, and the iron plate can be relaxed and coordinated.


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If a hard rod is used to pull a small iron plate, the dynamic behavior of the iron plate under water will be very poor, and because the rod is basically not bent, can not rely on elastic unloading force, the force when the iron plate pulls will be directly transmitted to the hand, people are easy to fatigue.


But the usage is very important.

1. We generally use 100-200 grams of pole, in everyone's experience, many fishermen think that the iron plate is hard to fight, do not need to let the line, let the pole, as long as the use of brute force hard pull on the line. But in fact, according to the size of the fish, and the struggle strength, the soft pole can not be hard to put together, even if the best stalk, beyond the maximum force of the stalk, the stalk will break.

2. The angle of the stalk must be maintained well. The harder the stalk, even if it is 400 grams, it is better not to exceed 45 degrees when it comes to big fish. Otherwise, it will break, especially our soft pole.

3. When the fish pulls to the surface, 100-150 grams of stalks, 3 catties of fish, if you want to fly on the boat, it is best to receive the shortest line, and then pick it up, otherwise, the line is long, when the angle of the fish is large, it is also easy to break the rod.

4. Spinning rod must not be turned over when the handle rod drum wheel mounted, a few days ago, I and fisherman tested a few spinning rod drum wheel mounted, found that when the force, because the spinning rod guide ring is relatively high, when the force, the last ring near the wheel and the main line does not rely on, is suspended, the wire ring does not eat force at all. The uneven force of the child is very easy to break the pole.

5. Don't pull hard with stalks after hanging the bottom. Otherwise, the boat is moving, the stalks are elastic, PE line is not easy to break, exceeding the maximum force of the stalks, resulting in bursting pole. The correct operation should be immediately loosening the line, wrapping hands with towels, or pulling the line after wearing thick gloves.

On the contrary, a small gram of soft rod is used to pull a large iron plate, because the weight of the iron plate is large, and the stalk is bent substantially when pulling, but the actual vertical direction of the iron plate in the water is not very large, and the dynamic of the iron plate is also not good.

Some people feel that iron bars, such as those with small grams, are easy to break when they come across big fish. In fact, unless the design is wrong, the material is poor, or the rod is damaged, if the use of the correct method, it is generally impossible to break the rod. The domestic ordinary 100 grams pole, the design can lift 8 kilograms heavy objects, TWJM 100 grams rod can achieve 12 kilograms.

3, the choice of reels

Spinning reels generally choose 4000-6000, can be around the PE3-5 line, 200-300 meters is enough, too big reels, hands will be very tired one day.

Horizontal reels generally choose low speed than models. About 4:1 is the most suitable. The reels are small, can be wound PE3-5 300-400 meters, weight less than 600 grams, all metal, without automatic wiring is preferred. (The home-made 200-400 horizontal reels with row line is not recommended, this kind of wheel is not suitable for iron plate at all, it is better to buy more than 100 domestic spinning reels practical).

Four. Selection of mainline and front traverse

Main line with high-strength PE line 3-5, high-quality PE line 3 has reached the strength of about 18 kg, the strength of far more than the same thickness of nylon wire.

Front traverse wheel generally choose 12-18 carbon front traverse, spinning wheel because the carbon wire is relatively hard, will pop up from the cup, 18 below can choose carbon wire, large size generally choose relatively soft nylon front traverse. The front conductor is usually 5-10 meters in length according to the depth of the water.

The front wire has three functions, 1. Because the wire is transparent, so it can reduce the alertness of fish, especially when the water is particularly clear and the fish bait is not active. 2. It is a buffer effect, because the PE wire is not extensible, when the big fish, the front wire force will extend, and the rod elasticity together with buffer fish impulse. 3. It is visual. After the current wire is out of water, you can know that the iron plate is close to the surface of the water. At this time, you should stop pulling the iron plate, so as to avoid the iron plate flying on the ship injuring people.



1. Because the main line is generally used PE soft throw is easy to hook with Luya's hook, but also to avoid repeated throw of very thin PE injury to the finger, especially when fishing GT.

2. the sea fishing environment is complex, and it is used to avoid being broken by the rock.

3. the clear front conductor of seawater will not attract the attention of fish.

4. marine fish are generally difficult to control with rods at close distance, and can directly grasp the front traverse to control the fish.

5. In the deep-sea fishing board, if the wire is not tied to the front end, the wire will directly hit the guide eye, or it will hurt people. The front wire has a certain length and will be felt when passing through the guide eye at the connection.

5, the choice of iron plate jigging rod

Generally choose 70-150 grams of iron plate is enough, such as high tide weather to the sea or to the Saddle Reef, it is recommended to take 150-200 iron plate to the sea, otherwise the tide is urgent, the iron plate will be too floated.

Generally, when the light is dark, pink, gold, silver is better, when the light is bright, blue, green and other colors are relatively not bright color is better. But people are not fish, often encounter fish only bite a certain color of iron plate, such as last month in the outside at noon, the sun is strong, even fish only bite silver iron plate. So we go to sea, the best color of iron plate with full points.

Choose the shape of the iron plate. Choose the streamlined iron plate when the flow is large. Choose the flat dynamic large iron plate when the flow is small.



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