Not tired iron plate (JIGGING) fishing method

Introduce "INCHIKU (Guide bamboo)" fishing method -- JIGGING iron fishing method.

Hear the JIGGING fishing method. Many people will think of the feeling of "tired, tired, miserable". It is really very tired to use more than 100 grams of iron plate(jigging lure). Especially those with poor physical strength are hard to play. But now we can rest assured. INCHIKU fishing methods may solve these problems. It can be said that a tiring fishing method is not tiring.

INCHIKU may be familiar to some people. Recently in Japan there is a popular "fishing gear ING" (GYOGING), which is the traditional method used by Japanese fishermen to change to a fishing technique. INCHIKU is also one of them. This is the popular fishing method in recent years.

There are many target fish in the INCHIKU fishing method, and there are more room for development. The target fish in South China are Shiban, Zhanghong, Yellowfin Tuna, Smoke Aberdeen, Toothband, Sea Wave, Horse Straw, Niu Guang, Sea Bass, Niu Qiu, Chiwa, White Wax and other carnivorous species.

Now more and more can prove that INCHIKU can fish species are particularly large, simple movements, not tired, the effect is very good. I hope you will study this fishing method in the future. It is still a useful method in Southern China area, especially in Nanhai oilfield.

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The basic skills of these fishing methods are very simple. After all, it is simply dragging back. Basically, there is no need to pull rods and other violent movements like Jigging. And its catch rate often exceeds that of other fishing methods.

In general, when playing Jingging, there are colors on fishing lines. So, after that, look at the depth of the line's color recognition and focus on the water layer that you have predicted.

If the depth of 80-60m is caught in the Nanhai oilfield, it will start to come back immediately after all. Approximately 6 colors (i.e. 60m), then re line. Do the same thing over and over again.

When you have a fish letter, you can't stop or stop immediately. You can only keep the same speed and finally you can feel the weight of the fish before you can raise the pole.

The fun of this fishing method is to feel the instant of biting. It can even feel the movement of the fish catching up with the bait.

This fishing method is likely to float in the middle of the fishing line. So when you are on the line, you need to keep a close eye on the fishing line. Otherwise, you will lose the chance of Chinese fish.

Suitable location:

The depth of water 15m is deep. However, a long pole throws and quickly draws back to fish. So the suitable location can not be completely fixed. There may be more suitable locations.

Weight selection:

INCHIKU also has various weights. The general selection criteria are tidal current velocity and water depth. If the water flow is not so urgent, it is generally necessary to choose the weight of water depth + gram (for example, 100 meters in water depth of 100 meters).

Color selection:

The main color of INCHIKU is the color of the plastic squid behind. They usually use luminous colors at night and pink during the day. Of course, these choices depend on weather and water color. It is not always possible to use this standard. However, generally speaking, if I use pink, I have basically got fish in my experience. Maybe it's a universal color.

Speed standard:

Take-up speed is usually 1 seconds to turn the handle. Keep the same speed. However, the water needs to be speeded up. Otherwise, the fish may know that it is not a real bait. Generally, if the water is cloudy or dark, it will be a little slower. Daylight water is clean. Speed determines the chance of catching fish very high. Therefore, the speed of each line should be changed slightly. Sometimes sudden acceleration is also a useful technique. No matter how, the speed of winding is not too simple. Sometimes the fish will come back quickly.



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