Poor physical strength can not play the jigging fishing? Absolutely wrong!!!

When it comes to the two words of iron plate, what you may think of is hard work and hard work. And Inchiku, that is, the bamboo fishing method, can be said to be the gospel of those who are physically weak.

Hear the JIGGING fishing method. Many people will think of the feeling of "tired, tired, miserable". Using more than 100 grams of iron plate, it is really very tired, especially for people with poor physical strength, is simply a difficult way to play.

But now we can rest assured. INCHIKU fishing methods may solve these problems. It can be said that a tiring fishing method is not tiring.

INCHIKU may be familiar to some people. Recently in Japan there is a popular "fishing gear ING" (GYOGING), which is the traditional method used by Japanese fishermen to change to a fishing technique. INCHIKU is also one of the hottest fishing methods in recent years.

There are many target fish in the INCHIKU fishing method, and there are more room for development. The target fish in South China are Shiban, Zhanghong, Yellowfin Tuna, Smoke Aberdeen, Toothband, Sea Wave, Horse Straw, Niu Guang, Sea Bass, Niu Qiu, Chiwa, White Wax and other carnivorous species.

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Now more and more can prove that INCHIKU can fish species are particularly large, simple movements, not tired, the effect is very good. I hope you will study this kind of fishing method more in the future, it is still very useful in South China (especially in the South China Sea oilfield).

1- basic skills

The basic skills of these fishing methods are very simple. After all, they are simply dragged back. There is almost no need to pull a rod or other violent action like Jigging, and its catch rate often exceeds other fishing methods.

In general, when playing Jingging, there are colors on fishing lines. So, after that, look at the depth of the line's color recognition and focus on the water layer that you have predicted.

If the depth of 80-60m is caught in the Nanhai oilfield, it will start to come back immediately after all. Approximately 6 colors (i.e. 60m), then re line. Do the same thing over and over again.

When you have a fish letter, you can't stop or stop immediately. You can only keep the same speed and finally you can feel the weight of the fish before you can raise the pole.

The pleasure of this method is to be able to feel the moment a fish bites, and even to feel that the fish has been chasing the bait (with the constant feeling of clicks, etc.).

This fishing method is likely to float in the middle of the fishing line. So when we are in the defensive line, we need to keep a close eye on the fishing line, or we will lose the chance of Chinese fish.

2- suitable location

The depth of water 15m is deep. However, a long pole throws and quickly draws back to fish. So the suitable location can not be completely fixed, and it may be suitable for more locations.

3- weight selection

INCHIKU also has various weights. The general selection criteria are tidal current velocity and water depth. If the current is not so urgent, it is generally necessary to choose the weight of water + gram (for example, 100 grams of water depth of 100 meters).


4- color selection

The main color of INCHIKU is the color of the plastic squid behind. They usually use luminous colors at night and pink during the day. Of course, these choices depend on weather and water color. It is not always possible to use this standard. However, generally speaking, pink, in my own experience, there are basically fish, pink may be a more versatile color.

5- speed standard

The take-up speed is generally 1 seconds to turn the handle once, keeping the same speed. However, water needs to be speeded up. Otherwise, the fish may know that it is not a real bait. Generally, if the water is cloudy or dark, it will be a little slower. Speed determines the chance of catching fish very high.

Therefore, the speed of each line should be changed slightly. Sometimes sudden acceleration is also a useful technique. No matter how, the speed of winding is not too simple. Sometimes the fish will come back quickly.

5- skills of Nanhai Oilfield

I think INCHIKU is a good way in Nanhai oilfield. Because Jigging is very tired every time. Everyone began to tire before the fish opened. But the INCHIKU fishing method will not. Just after that, keep the same speed. Compared with JIGGING, INCHIKU has many advantages. Although some modifications are needed, fishing lines will not be so easily caught by fish. Fish with sharp teeth, such as horse skein, will catch up simply.

Spring to summer is the bottom of the South China oil fishing Zhanghong season, the general choice of 200-240 grams of INCHIKU specially attacked 80-100M water depth is good. The yellowfin is generally near the bottom of the summer in July. 160-240 grams of INCHIKU, fishing 60-100M. They started swimming in the middle from 8-9 to the surface. Then use 90-110 grams of INCHIKU to catch 10-50M.

Generally, when fishing the water surface and the water layer, use the hand to add a little resistance to the fishing line when placing the line. So we can use the tidal current to float INCHIKU farther. This kind of fishing law usually needs no end. When the line goes out 100 meters (ten eyes), it begins to take up the line.

South Oil fishing methods are basically in the evening, the most effective color is noctilucent. At the beginning, the luminous color is better. But after fishing, the fish began to have some vigilance against the noctilucent light. If you think the effect of luminous color is poor. You can change to pink. So you can keep on fishing.

The adjustment of South Oil fishing is very important. Usually those giant fish have very hard mouths, and in the process of struggling slowly expand the hole in the hook easy to run fish. Therefore, the unloading force is generally adjusted more tightly. (if you use No. 4 PE) about 5-6 kilos, then you can go out. Generally, the unloading force of a soft pole is more important, and the hard pole is slightly loose.

At present, the INCHIKU hooks listed are relatively small. So in the South China Sea oil field, we need to exchange sub lines and hooks when we use them. The recommended sublines and hooks are as follows.



The hook:


If there are more teeth, we can use OWNER's "Power Flex 150Lb". Using this sub line can avoid the condition of being cut by the teeth.

The size of plastic squid can also be changed. The 3.5-5.0 number of YAMA**A can be used. Sometimes, it is very effective to put a transparent No. 4 on the 3.5. This slight consideration is also the fun of INCHIKU fishing method. I hope you can develop various fishing methods.

6- recommended reels

The basic movement of INCHIKU is just the same speed. Therefore, the resistance of take-up has an effect on fatigue. Therefore, generally choose the small take-up resistance line reel. Spinning reel is Power Gear. Drum reels are either Power Gear or High Gear. Because the drum reel is much stronger than the spinning reel (the drag is small), the drum reel has an advantage.


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