Sea fishing iron plate fishing deep sea fishing detailed explanation

Graphic illustration of the way of fishing

Luya iron plate fishing is a very popular method of sea fishing in the world today. Iron plate fishing is a kind of sport fishing. It is generally used in boat fishing. The fisherman shakes an iron plate bait which looks like a small fish and attracts big fish to attack and lure them to hook. This fishing method is the most effective fishing method at present. The probability of medium and large fish is very high. Luya iron plate fishing can not only fish but also play a fitness purpose, leading the world trend of marine fishing and sweeping the world

One. The fishing tackle of the road

Winding wheel

The winding wheel of iron plate fishing method is mainly spinning and drum type. Because the iron plate fishing is mainly used for deep-sea fishing, requiring the cup can be around 300 meters or more, fishing force value between 5 to 20 kg, much higher than our usual winding wheel, so the iron plate bait Fisher will generally be equipped with a special winding wheel. Spinning wheels generally choose 4000 to 6000 models and can be wound around PE3 to line 5.

Fishing rod

According to the size of the iron plate, a fishing rod is selected for the corresponding pole. According to the depth of the water, to choose the right weight of the iron plate, only the weight of the rod and iron plate match the shaking iron plate can be easily coordinated. Most of the target fishes of the iron plate bait fishing method are marine migratory species, such as tuna, mackerel, razor, even ferocious shark, sea wolf and other large deep-sea species, so the iron plate fishing method of the fishing rod mostly uses solid high-strength carbon fiber rod with a single joint of the rod body, and its strength is in accordance with the main line strength, iron plate weight, tensile force. They are light, medium and heavy.

Mainline and front traverse

Above the iron plate, it is necessary to connect 3 to 6 meters of high elastic and high wear resistant front traverse. Its strength is generally two times higher than that of the mainline. As for the main line, wiring is used in modern iron plate fishing methods. Because we can now fish in deep water, it is necessary to use non-stretching lines so that every movement of the stalk can be transmitted to the iron plate. At the same time, small wiring can use smaller fishing wheels, so that the iron plate fishing equipment is lighter and more sensitive.

Iron plate and hook

Generally speaking, the hook is tied to the top of the plate, if the hook hangs on the bottom of the plate, when the plate touches the bottom of the sea, your hook will hang on the bottom more likely. The choice of color is usually based on personal preference. A popular saying is based on the brightness of light. For example: dark weather - dark; distinct weather - silver or bright; early morning or dusk - black, purple or night light. (For this rule, I also expressed doubts) The best way is: before the first iron plate into the water, we discuss the use of different colors, if which color is easy to fish, and then everyone changes that color!


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Two. Road fishing team.

The Luya iron plate fishing group consists of a 300-500g rod, a drum or spinning reel, a 300-metre high-quality PE line 5-8, a carbon line 20-30, a belly top, a 200-400g iron plate, a 7/0-10/0 iron plate hook and connecting accessories.


Three, road sub iron plate fishing method iron plate hook method diagram

The hook method is easy to be ignored by fishing friends. In order to let more and more iron board enthusiasts master a more solid binding method, specifically in a graphical way to illustrate.

Prepare materials and tools first, among them, the iron plate is not negligible accessories, the first purchase of iron plate is not hooked, need to tie the hook, the choice of iron plate fishermen can choose according to their needs.

jigging lure

PE braided line.

pe fishing line

on plate, iron plate hook and other accessories tools. Iron plate hook, steel wire, candle, iron plate, heat shrinkable tube, PE line special scissors.

fishing tool


Hook and hook method and steps of iron plate hook

Step 1: fold the hook line.

fishing line and hook

Step: 2: circle the 1-2 circles on the thumb or forefinger.

fishing line

Step 3: thread ends through the middle.


Step 4: pull the hook into the middle.

fishing line and hook

Step 5:

Thread tight, as tight as possible.

fishing hook line

tep 6:

The thread is passed through the hook door outwards through the hook handle, which is very important.

fishing hook and line

tep 7: heating the shrink tube and heating it.

fishing hook jigging hook

Step 8:


jigging hook

Step 9: tie on the iron plate.

jigging lure and hook

Four. Slow iron plate skill in deep sea fishing iron plate fishing method

Slow-speed iron plate is a new game in boat fishing. The biggest difference between slow-speed iron plate and general iron plate fishing is that it doesn't need to twitch hard and rhythmically. The main action of the iron plate can be done. You can use the action of lifting and releasing the line, so that the iron plate has a natural fall, or arbitrary action is possible to catch fish, relatively low activity in the fish can also have a special effect, is also a kind of soft rod fine line stroke big fish fishing method. The following author from the object of this method of fishing and the actual operation of the technique, to elaborate on one or two, I hope to love the sea fishing will be helpful to everyone.

For Taiwan, SLOW-JIGGING mainly targets grouper, whipfish, sea bream, sea bream, silky-tailed sea bream, silver carp, golden bream, tuna and other migratory fish species and benthic high economic value fish.

Slow-speed iron-plate fishing, which does not require intense swaying, is known to have a depth of about 500 meters. The deep target fish reaching this number are all the rare and highly economic fish on the market. The general goal of the Lua people is not big fish, or it is the new species caught by Lua.

Why is it that SLOW-JIGGING does not require intense swaying because the slow-speed iron plate is operated in three main ways: Slow-Pitch, High-Pitch and Long-Fall. Slow-Pitch, as its name implies, is a slow-paced operation in which the wire coiler at the level of the rod holds one or two or four turns at a time after the iron plate reaches the bottom, using the elasticity of the rod to bounce the iron plate so that the iron plate can jump naturally; High-Pitch is the fast operation of the wire coiling with the fishing rod. The lifting allows the plate to jump sharply to lure the fish into predation; Long-Fall lures the fish by lifting the rod up and down at large angles so that the plate falls when it sinks. The experience and judgment of the three slow-jigs on the fishing ground are different because of the difference of the fishing ground or the different length of the fishing rod used by the different currents.

Generally speaking, the attack time of the fish is mainly the iron plate in the state of stopping, the attack is more different from the long-Fall fish news, Long-Fall because the main thing is to lift the iron plate up a large angle, let the iron plate fall naturally, so some fish news is in the iron plate when the fish has been hooked, at this time you lift the line after placing. It will stop sinking, or the fish will bait when the iron plate has fallen. The Slow-Jig special rod is designed to make it easy for you to operate the iron plate and drive the iron plate, not to use the elastic wrestling of the fishing rod as hard as the iron plate rod does. The Slow-Jig special rod only needs slight bending force and the braking force of the coiler. Also because the use of thin wire is not suitable for violent walking fish, so the winder brake smoothness is very important. In my experience with Slow-Jig, I only need to take the line slowly while walking, let the fishing rod slightly bend a little cushion, the more vigorous walking, the fish will fight back, just take the line slowly and the fish will rise slowly, so please enjoy the fun of walking the fish slowly.

When using Long-Fall and Slow-Pitch fishing methods, the author will choose a long rod, because both Long-Fall and Slow-Pitch fishing methods must depend on the rod's elasticity and length. High-Pitch must depend on the elasticity and length of the fishing rod. High-Pitch operators choose short rods, mainly because the rapid operation of the iron plate during the fishing process can save a lot of physical strength for the angler.

Generally speaking, the author will choose the fishing rod and the iron plate according to the depth of the fishing ground and the water flow, the water flow is strong, the author will choose the short rod and the long slow-speed iron plate in deep water. When the water is shallow and the water flow is slow, the author will choose a slow iron plate with long rods and short rods. Of course, this is not absolute, must be based on the fishing ground to make changes, but also because the slow iron plate sinking than the general iron plate speed, will cause the iron plate knocking bottom message transmission is not obvious, so the author will use a relatively thin PE line, recommended the use of 1.5-3, the front wire to carbon line 8-12, the author in the fishing. Custom of the iron plate after knocking the bottom quickly rolled 5 circles, the iron plate quickly upward big jump action, and let it sink naturally, and then slowly lifted, down, take-up, or take-up, lift, put-down, so that the iron plate presents a natural action. Sometimes there will be a clear signal of fish in the moment of lifting, or when you put it down, you will find that your iron plate will not sink, which is also the fish bait news, but also because the line is used more thin, greatly increasing the fun of walking fish, there are many kinds of slow iron plate on the market, each kind of slow iron plate has its action, so in the Temporary judgment and change is the most important thing.

Each rod factory will be on the factory standard applicable to the iron plate grams of the length of the fishing rod and applicable to the fishing ground, more shallow water depth to select the appropriate rod is a good rod. At present, this kind of slow-speed iron-plate fishing is very popular in Taiwan, because no matter what the depth of the fishing ground, as long as it is properly prepared, any species of fish can be caught. Techniques for catching mackerel along seaside coast are analyzed.


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