Slow jigging 4 hook and 2 hook distinguish deep liner!!!

Many people mistakenly believe that the slow jigging lure (rolling iron plate ) must have two pairs of four hooks.
jigging hook

jigging hook
It is important to know how much resistance can be reduced around the jigging lure(board) and how much resistance can be increased by one more hook, but the ordinary 3/0 and 4/0 hooks can not withstand strong pulling force. This enhanced hook is characterized by sharp hook tip, no big ring at the end of the hook (only one needle hole), and high penetration ability. Low water resistance! A hook can exceed the pulling force of the ordinary 3/0 hook!

jigging hooks

jigging hook


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Matching of slow speed fishing and equipment for

Golden gun, red Gump, GT, big stone spot must use high performance single hook!

jigging hook goofish

It's not cheap. Oh, the average one is 25 rmb(approx 4 dollar), and the other is to buy it and tie it back.

But to catch a big thing must have and have it, it will not leave any regrets for itself.


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