Three advantages of slow jigging sea fishing

Slow jigging fishing

The three advantages of slow jigging fishing are:

1. high fish on rate

2. quick and economical efforts

3. long time operation is not tiring.

The high-school fish rate is because the slow jigging fishing (slow-rolling iron plate) takes advantage of its combination of speed and speed to attack the bottom and the middle of the migratory fish. It solved the monotonicity of fish used to draw iron plates in the past.

Quick lifting and labor saving is the inheritance of the hard-pulling gene of the slow-rolling iron plate and the fusion of the wrist of the fine-line jigging fish braking force. Why do I say so?

First of all, the fish in the slow-rolling iron plate are the same as the fast-pulling, but the improvement of the slow-rolling is that the bow and pole are not used to pull up the fish from the river. The reason why the tug of war is fast is not to give the fish a cushion advantage, but always to pull the fish and move the fish. It's not impossible to just use time and energy, but also give the fish a free range of movement, because a fish force if the pole angle is horizontal or 45 degrees angle, the fish will easily bend the pole tip to change their posture can change the fish head down into an advantage!

We need to know a key factor!

A hundred catties of fish can be caught because it is unconsciously pulled up by us to hold it in a head-up position, and it wags its tail to help us rise above the big fish equipped with equipment.

If the fish's posture is to plunge down and swim hard, the brakes and rods we have give it a chance to wait until it doesn't swim and raise its head. It's so simple!


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Why there is bow and rod fishing? That's because there were so many people spinning reel with iron plate fishing before. Everyone knows that the spinning reels are characterized by fast but laborious line collection. That is to say, the only way to compete with big fish is to use the bow and rod drop line collection to snatch the line. This is somewhat similar to Ji fishing. The reel of a spinning reel does not rise and fall without a pole.

And the reel developed for the slow rolling iron plate has a certain ability to take up the line at the same time has a strong winding ability, shoulder natural droop as long as the rolling wheel take up the line OK! It's so simple!

When it comes to operating persistence, it's known that the slow roll is a combination of speed and slowness. The fast pull draws the fish's attention. The slow pull gives the fish a chance to get down. This combination of speed and slowness gives us a chance to breathe and get a day off without a break. This also greatly increases the chances of the Chinese fish.

The front line 12 of the movie pe3 ends the battle in 10 minutes.

Pe10's big electric mixer needs 100 Jin + big dog teeth. It takes eight minutes.

Let's not tell the truth! It is unquestionable to slow down the iron plate and save the fish quickly.


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