Some knowledge and skills you have to know if boat for rock fishing in sea

Some knowledge and skills you have to know if boat for rock fishing in sea

The island reef and beach for fishing is the main fishing enthusiasts in the world,  It is the most popular especially in the coastline in some developed countries. Fishing has many methods, deep and shallow field points. The deep field is more than 50 meters deep, all by boat fishing.

Shallow field depth is less than 50 meters, better for boat fishing and bank fishing, have below fishing field, fishing island reef fishery, Fishing in the sea or sea rock, also called rock fishing, use pole, pole is usually 4.5 meters long, 50-60 meters above sea level, good technology, big strength can be throwed 80-100 meters distance. Seaweed plants grow on the seabed rocks. Marine insects, mollusks and various small shrimps also live here, so many fish can be attracted to forage and breed.

Water is general depth of 10 meters beside the rocks, all kinds of fish live in groups ranging in size, once the fish swim to see the food, grab bait, hooking rate is very high. But the sea wind is big on reef surface, the physical consumption is much, and the danger is great. Beach fishing grounds, fishing on a beach or a slope at the sea, on the Bay, or on a slope. Fishing at the beach is safer, but pay close attention to the rise and fall of the tide.

Every high tide, fish gathering in crowds and groups to the shore together with tide, devour the shore food, then it is the most ideal time for fishing. fishing on the beach, of course, we also use the telescopic pole, the method is more than 40-50 meters we throwed, on the one hand to keep note the fish snatch bait then lifting pole in time, take-up line,hook fish, on the other hand should always pay attention to the ebb and flow of the tide. In case of strong wind and big waves came, or the tide rose rapidly, to keep back, otherwise there is danger of being swept away by the waves.

There is a difference between saltwater fishing and inland freshwater fishing. In addition to the necessary requirements of sea fishing pole or other fishing gears, like, boat fishing rod, jigging rods, telescopic rods and saltwater fishing reel, jigging reel, trolling reels and etc.

Must be equipped with fishing rod racks and larger reels at the edge of the boat, in order to catch fish, we can rely on the handly fishing reels and rod holder to slip fish. The key of fishing on the sea is to be familiar with the living habits of the sea fish, it is to find the exact place for the fish to live in the sea and that place usually fish eat.

Most of the sea fish are swimming in groups. When the fish come, we should seize the time, throw the hook into the water, will catch many fish. Otherwise, there is no chance to catch the fish, and the fish swim away, and there will be no fish to catch. For this reason, the fishing position of marine fishing should be an unfixed mobile fishing position.

There is a "trick" for fishing at sea, that is to say, we should look for stones on the bottom of the sea or island, where fish feed and live, so we can catch sea fish. In fact, this is a general rule for fishing. But in this kind of rock fishing, it is often entangled in hooks and lines by stones. So every time I go out fishing, should take some fishing hooks, fishing line, plumb and other equipment, to make up for the loss of large fishing.


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