The Charm of Rock Fishing

The Charm of Rock Fishing

Rock fishing on Reef, it is the shore fishing activities. Floating rock fishing is with that floating on lure set, can make the bait with water floating, do not hang at bottom in a fixed depth. use soft light and thinner rods by this method , we can feel a strong sense of excitement once catching fish. throw that baits into sea not stopping at the time, "trap Fishing skill" put the fish gathered in a fixed range, to shorten the time to catch fish.

Rock fishing is coming from Japan, and quickly spread in the Asian region, fishing through exploring by our fishing friends, has become more mature, Different genres have been formed in different places. Floating rock fishing develops very fast. 

Maybe someone will ask, why is there such a large Attractive force on floating rock fishing? If you understand the floating rock fishing words then you'll see. answer.

The first is challenging for floating rock fishing, it requires superb fishing skills. Includes not only to deal with the sea, reef, and fish wits. Also must learn to protect themselves, followed by the conquest of nature. Fishing is a high intensity of outdoor sports activities.

Floating rock fishing has great development space. The details are crucial convenience, any combination of fishing tackle is important, even can become an independent subject. In addition, you must also learn floating rock fishing, understand the sea, understand the tidal changes, looking for a good catching position, grasp the current law. All these knowledge must be studied with the heart, and the fundamental theory should be used to respond to the ever-changing nature. In these processes, you will experience the joy of success and the frustration of failure. These sad and happy interlacing forms a wonderful life.


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