Avoid the way big fish run away

Catch fish often run fish, the fish will even be pull rod run, here teach you three The loss outweighs the gain., can make the fish fast fatigue.

The first trick is to break off the source of the fish's flight, and to restrain the sprint of the big fish in the "period of helping to swim". When the big fish has the greatest strength, it is the first 35 sprints formed by the fish in the big fish, and its strength is very strong. Before the big fish hook from the middle to the formation of the sprint, there is a help (start) stage. At this time the big fish is slower, and the strength is smaller. Therefore, if the big fish can be suppressed in the swimming stage, it can not form a strong explosive force; even if it is formed, it will not be very strong.

In that, in the fishing group (hook line) under the premise of affordable, drag knob to the position of the maximum intensity on the line. The purpose of the fish hook, the fish can will pull out fishing, and spend a lot of effort, so as to prevent fish due to appear in the sprint to hook after being frightened.

The second trick is not to give the fish a breath of breath, no interruption of the fish. Long and long, is another characteristic of big fish. After several rounds of sprint, various deal, in order to recharge your batteries, once again launched the sprint. Walk the fish in order to speed up the weakness of the fish and catch it to the shore as soon as possible. Therefore, according to the above, that pull the walking fish principle should be tit for tat, retracting moderate, without interruption of distraction. When the fishing line must be buffered, it should be cushioning in time.

Fish swim, will be in the light of its general trend, are. If the fish swims forward, or turns in the direction of the inclined direction, the line should be put on the line at the right time. If the fish swam sideways or along with the hook, you should close the line and try not to turn the fish back and turn back. If the fish swim to confirm to the obstacles, we should resolutely strong pull the fish around, blocked escape.

A third is to avoid errors in each link. Beware of the big fish in the swim and go back outside the empty hook. The leap of the big fish, the light can cut the line and break the hook, the heavy one can break the pole, causing the fish to run. In order to avoid the occurrence of the fish in the fish must jump up, will be turned to drag knob to loosen the wire position before the smooth outward return tour, let Yushunshun yo go back.

During the big fish back outside to swim, fish can be accelerated fatigue is divided into two steps: the first step was a big fish from the shore before returning to swim, you should immediately drag the knob back to the original unscrew the front position, let the fish continue to carry the load intensity of a strong hook line travel, do not let the fish empty hook. The second step in the cycle of the original position after the knob, you should put the original fish when travelling parallel with the surface of the rod, and gradually depress rod tail, raise the rod tip, increase the friction and fishing wire ring, to further increase efforts to accelerate the fish line, fatigue, catching fish ashore early.


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