Fishing skills in India

Twelve operations of the aerobics of the dragging and fishing

Fishing for surffish in India. Buddhism in India, located in the Tropic of cancer, due to the special geographical location, in early February is full of greenery branches, flowers blooming like a piece of brocade. People dressed in colorful spring, with lightsome pace, walking in the high streets and back lanes, everywhere showing a southern style. Nothing else, people love fishing in Ganges RIver.

During the visit in India, because of the appointment of Mr. Utel, a friend in Patna, we drove to Ganges RIver on the outskirts of a city on a Sunday morning, and caught a fishing addiction.

Mr. Utel has just started 30, working in the Ba City Fisheries Bureau. In order to make a convenient trip, he borrowed a convertible electric car from his neighbour. Yes, I took the road to a fishing tackle with him.

In the morning, the wilderness is particularly vivid and beautiful, curling up dawn, white clouds floating in the blue, like a light ink; moist air, kissed face; rows of palm, wharf, long hair, high roll legs girls, in the pulp washing a shirt; wild duck neck elongation, foraging on the beach......

The car took a leisurely walk, and I suddenly appeared in my head of junior high school books on some of the introduction of Ganges RIver, strange and strange. I just came in, mbayu smile, a problem from time to time, ask him to answer. For example, where is the origin of Ganges RIver? Where does it go through? Where is the final injection? What kind of fish are in Ganges RIver? What legends are there in Ganges RIver? Sometimes I ask him the National Fisheries University graduate student with meditation!

Youtell fangmanjusu, smiled at me and told me: Ganges RIver originated in the Himalaya mountains south of the Champlain, along the way through India Mora Daba De, Kanpur, Patna City, followed by Dhaka in Bangladesh, into Chittagong, eventually into the bay of bengal. It is worth mentioning that in the middle reaches of Ganges RIver, there is an ancient Varana West City, which is the "holy land" of India Buddhism. India Buddhists are looking forward to the pilgrimage, bathing in the water of Ganges RIver there. They believe in bathing in the water of Ganges RIver, and they can wash away their sins. And I believe that the doctrine, in Varanasi (Ganges RIver) fishing, after his death, can obtain the Buddha's blessing, "heaven" or "resurrection of the world". Ganges RIver is an international river. Because the people of all walks of life pay attention to environmental protection along the way, the river has always been clear, transparent and full of spirituality. She has raised millions of people on both sides of the Straits. In Ganges RIver, black carp, silver carp, crucian carp breeding, swordfish, groupers, salmon, mackerel and other 200 kinds of fish.

Because of the rapid flow of water from the mountain gorge and the rushing water from Ganges RIver to the valley, you push and rush on the way, and rush down the road, rushing out of many river valleys and basins, and accumulating into a deep pool and concave Bay, which provides extremely important conditions for the reproduction and growth of aquatic organisms. It is self-evident that also provides a number of fishing places on both sides of Ganges RIver fishermen......

The electric car ran for about 1 hours, and came to a fork in the road. He slowed down the speed. The car left a turn into a small grove along the river, and then disappeared to the front road. It was surrounded by bushes and green vines. We jumped out of the car, remove the fishing tackle and bait, one foot deep, shallow kick to step forward. The trees, the birds are often heard off; meadow, a hare disturbed run......

"How is this place?" Mbayu stopped hand pointing several river grass, the water inlet of duckweed, my advice. "Hey, the place that the aquatic expert chooses will be wrong! OK, this is a better fishing." I am attached. So, we chose a more gentle slope, at bay large estuary "position". I occupied a place with large stones, and I immediately put up the fishing group, put it on the bait, and threw it into the river. Mbayu in my left about 10 meters of water "pitch camp".

Hi, the situation looks good, there is a fish bite. I mention the light rod, alas, no, and no small intensity of anti drag force, by instinct, like fish, like on the object. Again, the original is a The case is entirely cleared., worn plastic basket meters. I bait and hook up, and catch three small fish in a row. After that, there was no fish for 20 minutes, and Mr. Yu had at least two big fish. He saw me not fish, and asked me what bait I hung? How deep is the fishing? I told him to use a bait for 1 meters deep. He explained, "you should hang up chicken or snails. Here is the main fishing wave of fish, the fish love meat, often diving to the bottom layer of 3~4 meters of the river snails and fish feed. I "Oh, oh," nod to say yes. Immediately change to hang the snails, fishing deep to 3.5 meters. It certainly works. In less than 10 minutes, see the rod tip, then there is a strong dragload, almost drag me down. I adjusted my footsteps, my buttocks reached the stone behind me, my hands clasped the fishing rod, and I slowly received the line with the help of the abdominal force. The fish was obviously a "big guy", left a left to right and pulled the hook out for nearly 10 meters in an attempt to disrupt my strategic deployment. "The devil is one foot, Michiko Kazutake." I also tried to destroy the conspiracy of the big fish, and moved the fishing rod and hooked line in a "infinity" shape, and began to move with it. Mr. Yu, on my left, was struggling with a big fish and it was hard to help me for a moment. But he continued to encourage me, "to stand, to fight, to consume the strength and sharpness of the fish." When he quickly solved the battle and walked to help me walk the fish, he found, "Oh, it is a nearly 3 kilogram surffish!" This fish has a characteristic hook, or in the event of a natural enemy, will use the rounded shape, with more than 5 cycles per second rolling speed. The average person wants to capture by hand, ten has nine empty. Generally speaking, it is only after power, about half an hour, it was defeated. He cited the walk for about more than 10 minutes, the forehead began to sweat, I took the pole, continue to lead the walk. When the fish run, I am loose; when the fish sets the pile, I stretch it; when the fish is back, I attack (the line), not to allow the fish to breathe. After seven or eight rounds, the fish finally exposed the "face": the body like a cylindrical, about 8 cm in diameter, about 35 centimeters in length, surface silver gray, on both sides of a plurality of yellow and blue stripes, is really a wave of fish. In the restaurant in India, I have tasted many times. The meat is delicate and tasty. It is the most expensive fish, such as burning, cooking, steaming, roasting, frying, and soup.

As I dragged, the fish whirled a big whirlpool on the surface of the water, rolled over a few circles, and drilled into the water. I try my best, with it, like the battle of wits. And after a battle, this wave of fish to the surface, belly up, panting to fate. I wire rod, mbayu trouser legs rolled high standing in the water, a fish, and looked down at the same time, I extend the copy network, lightning fast bent, stretched out his left hand to seize the network port, two people together, "ouch", the big wave fish dragged on the river.

Because I was the first time to catch a surffish, I had so much interest that I forgot the time and the hunger. Mr. Yu, out of politeness, has never disturbed my interest. Inadvertently, catch the sun. At this time, the ship's ship on the main channel "sob" rounded the whistle. I suddenly looked up and suddenly realized, "Oh, it's time to take the pole!" I waved to Mr. Yu and shouted, "Mr. Yu, take a pole!" Mbayu came to look at the two baskets said with satisfaction: "good, good! I caught 7 wave fishes and 4 arrows. You caught 5 fish, 6 wave fish, we matched!" In a word, we said that both of us were laughing all the time, and the hunger and the sense of fatigue had disappeared.


We laugh with, go to electric fishing creel.I humorously took him happy: "mbayu, today you also catch fish, water is also stained, wait until the day after the death of the future, you don't worry about" revive the world "!"

Mbayu laughed, also poker-faced hands clasped together, toward my pious worship: "Oh, toefl!" Looking back, he added, "Hey, miss Zhu Ying, you didn't catch the fish in the holy water of Ganges RIver, then you will be blessed by Buddha.

Oh, it looks like he's a real India Buddhist.

With a click, the electric car started, we bathed in warm sunshine, toward the tall buildings and church buildings in downtown Patna for joy......



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