how can i catch a monster?

When you start slow pitch jigging, you’ll be surprised the numbers and the varieties of species you can catch. But at the same time, you’ll have a lot of frustrating experience with big fish breaking your line.

I encourage people to use PE1.5 or PE2.0 because it allows you to stay more vertical. Being in a vertical alignment is critical to make all kinds of finesse applications and to be receptive for all kinds of information the line sends you.

One day you wake up to a dream of the monster breaking your line, and think you should go heavier.

One day you wake up to a dream of spending a whole day swinging the stick like pulling up a rubber band for nothing in return, and think you should go lighter.
They are both true. And they are both frustrating. We are playing this game in that dilemma. We want more fish, and we want bigger fish.

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