How to find fish quickly in unfamiliar waters

How to find fish quickly in unfamiliar waters

In recent years, the lure fishing is more and more popular, many fishing friends began to try to use this convenient environment for fishing. However, in the face of complex and strange wild environment, do not grasp the skills are not good catch. Today, let us talk about it from the waters and the season two aspects, to explore the unfamiliar waters of the road subskills.

1. judge the water area

In the strange water area for fishing, both reservoirs or rivers, the black hole, the biggest problem is not to determine the Situation of water, then we can use the bait to search and test. To search for the bait for water surface, VIB, Mino, spoon lure and so on can be chosen to test faster. The commonly used methods called sector search, if the degree of familiarity with fish is enough high, the scope and regional can be tighter, determine the relative activity of fish through filter out the invalid thrown. In the search process, pay attention to the angle of the rod and the speed of the line to control the position of the bait in the water. What we need to do is bait in the aquifer of fish intensive activities, and cover the possible aquifers. We can't deny the water because there is no fish in one layer.

Such a large search for a bite can help the fishing friends judge whether there is a target fish that they want to catch in the fishing area. If there is no attack, what we need to do is to test the area of the barrier, water grass, branches, stone floats at this stage will be the focus. Most aggressive fish hide in such  concealment the attack the food they saw. Most of the fish in the barrier area are most active. This area is suitable for soft bait hide hooks, soft bait can stay longer in disorder, hard bait hooks is completely exposed on such occasions obviously not be able to catch fish effectively.


2. judge the season

It is necessary to consider how to catch the target fish successfully after a bait search is used to determine the target fish in the fishing area. In the lure fishing skill, attention should be paid to the water layer of the object fish and the interested bait.

In different seasons and times, the areas in which the target fish are gathered are different. When fishing in summer, if the temperature is too high, the fish, like people, tend to swim in the cool waters. In order to deal with the fish, the people design the myriads of changes, many different types of fishing bait, such as the Dezhou, from the end of bottom type, full type water upside down worm etc.. The main function of classification is divided according to various locations and different bait fish. As a matter of fact, fish, like people, change their emotions by the influence of their surroundings and their own state. When the weather is not active, it is equivalent to the rest period. They are unlikely to attack the fake bait fiercely, but only lazy attacks on the lures.


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