How to Fish Perch

How to Fish Perch

Fishing, in the eyes of a number of pedestrians, is just a very easy thing. But fishing friends know that fishing is not as simple as others think. Some small skills in tow fishing seem simple and flat, but in real fishing it can play an unexpected role. Tow fishing bass is a new kind of play, and it needs our continuous understanding, continuous improvement, continuous supplement and continuous improvement in our practice. There are some fun tips to share with you.

1, before the ring road and keep swimming. General fixed ring road sub head no plus ringlets in trolling sometimes fixed line buckle will slide to the above or below the normal fixed ring, swim in the water impact of road and posture, if a ring, you don't have to worry about this problem.

2. The method of replacing the anchor hook. To replace the road sub anchor hook, with a fingernail open loop, loaded or unloaded the anchor hook procedure the most easy to hurt fingers. If an awl piercing wire ring slowly apart, the situation will be better. The awl continuously enter the split every gap widened, and the anchor thickness almost set anchor ring, fixed anchor hook with a finger, then the other hand pliers clamp ring opening, turn to the other side of the ring, the anchor hook into the ring to be resolved by operation breaking open loop and difficult rotation, and prevent the anchor hook.

3, straighten the brain line. Light lure and soft bait with 1 meters of nylon thread make brain lines. When preparing to open a pole, the brain lines tend to bend, causing lure to walk parallel in water. To solve this problem, a hand holding a hand holding the pendant, careful Road, hands in the opposite direction slightly straight line to the brain.

4, reform the hard road. The hard way Asia is suspended, it drives the need to use Pendant in air and water walking. The transformation of hard road, just off road sub water pressure plate and flat surface, cut out the lead, stick to the road and belly bottom, wear out two sub bottom anchor hook fixing ring, then trim the sides as wide, and then the anchor hook can be used. (this method is only limited to the hard road).

5, adjust the drag. There is definitely a pivotal role to adjust the drag force, the principle is not adjustable light weight adjustment. The spring is a link to the main line, one hand holding the pole, one hand holding the spring balance in the opposite direction, a little pull. When you hear the sound outlet indicated by weight, after repeated testing and debugging weight can reach your requirements.



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