How to lift the sea rod skillfully

How to lift the sea rod skillfully

There are different views on the use of small strength to lift the rods, or to lift the rod with great strength.

Some people think that light, the pole has been identified in fish bite, add a little power to make the hook quickly penetrate into the fish mouth.

Those who insist on lifting rods with with great strength due to fishing line is lone, can they be quickly transmitted to fishhooks. Some fish's mouths are enough hard to pull the fishing line and not to hook them.

There is a certain reason for both of these two opinions. But in the actual operation, we must proceed from the actual situation to solve the problem.

Like,many fishing guys ask me which fishing ways is better? which fishing rods is more enjoying?

i canot give their exact reply.if you like boat fishing, then you like boating fishing rods more.

if you like saltwater fishing, maybe you like slow pitch fishing, or you like fly fishing......

Let's go back to the topic.

Then, what situations should be lighter? Fishing is rather near. When fishing line is not too long, it is not enough to push the pole, because the force can quickly spread to the hook after the distance is close. 

Too closed distance, push rods may make the hook quickly to ashore, may also hurt yourself. With small hook catch small fish nor force is too large, otherwise easy to hook excluded. For example, the white fish, the mouth ring is very thin, if the hook is just hanging in the mouth, plus a rod lifting, it is likely to only catch the fish's mouth ring. Another case is the sea rod has been bending by fish, the line is completely straight, that fish has been hooked up, this is not the time to lift the pole, because the fish pull forward line,we  pull back the line, two strands of relative strength is great, if we lift rods at this time, probably not hook, the line is broken.

The so-called "heavy lifting", is also a relative, when lift rod with a little more power, speed up the speed of a moment. Sea rods cast to 50 meters outside the fishing line, long distance, power transmission is slow, coupled with a fishing line for hooks, pendulous large curve, such as lifting rod is too light, its power is not in a very short time to spread the hook, the fish may be in this precious one tenth of the second time to escape the hook. Of course, if the hooked line and hook is ready to catch a big fish, it is necessary to add a little strength to the rod.

When plat fishing, many people lift rods too fiercely, and the amplitude is too large(lol,maybe you should try that slow pitch jigging rods, especially it is solid blank carbon fiber,more lighter and stronger). Some people even throw the sea pole behind their heads. Some people break the sea pole because they are using too much force.

A sea fishing rod action, lifting rod should be like "Shake wrist" movement, slightly increase some strength, forming a "big shake wrist", "lift rods" and "lift line" is divided into two stages, fast before the slow, this rhythm is better.

sea fishing is different with taiwan fishing or other freshwater fishing.

Some anglers Stand up that rods then go to the shade and keep cool, sometimes chatting with fishing friends, when they found the rod tip nodded, then he ran to fling caution to the winds, sea pole backward fierce pick, mostly to catch fish, but also because canot lift the hook in time then escape, some people ran and fell down, or rod breaking.

In this case, we must be calm and operate strictly according to the technical requirements.

When we are familiar with the skills of fishing, we also need to prepare some good quality equipment. eg, fishing rods, fishing reels, or fishing accessories. you will find it very helpful.


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