How to use sinker for saltwater fishing

How to use sinker for saltwater fishing

With the prevalence of fishing in the sea, the problem of sea pole falling has also attracted the attention of many fishing friends, but often can not understand the doorway inside. "Hollow live Pendant" and "hollow dead fall" are two common sea pole fall methods. Let me analyze these two uses and all of you.

Goofish Solid blank fishing rod is better for saltwater fishing, more stronger and lighter.or some jigging lure also better choice,different weight for different depth 

If you want to reduce the rate of running fish, it is better to grasp the time to use the "hollow live fall". Because "fall" after a fish free to walk some distance, hook suction in the sense of foreign body in the mouth is small, because the "live fall" is only a pull rod tip, reduce the tension of a fall, the fish movement space, less obstacles, the hook will stab fish at this time, reflected in the rod tip is slowly light nod, and then move the big head. When the pole big big nod, the saltwater fishing rod in a timely manner, as sure as a gun can catch a fish. This shows that using "live fall" when fish bite "to reflect the information over the course of a long dead drop", the fishing rod can calm, the effective pole time, greatly reducing the run rate of fish.

On the contrary, if the use of "dead drop", this will lead to a short effective time from a fish pole, I use the "hollow dead fall" falling range is 4 - 6 cm, thought this information can reflect the fast fish bite hook, can reduce the running rate of fish. However, I have found that as long as I use the "hollow dead fall", there is a phenomenon of running fish every time. Why? I feel that the reason for the short time of the rod is too short, which is related to the quick and slow motion of the fishing, slow or far away from the rod, or the slow cause of the bait. "Dead drop", because the fish bite, fish swimming slightly to plummet, reflected in the rod tip is suddenly fierce big nod, the pole time is very short, so you have the pole is not a fish hook, the hook is in the fish mouth, not a little earlier at all. The young man a little better, the elderly will reflect a little slower, the pole time is not good grasp, but also because of the sea fishing pole line is thick, pendant will increase, if the hook is not sharp, or low temperature, and the rod tip lead is two tension, more easy to run a fish.

Fishing is not only a test of patient's activity, but also a technical work. If we can't grasp some of the small skills, we can't understand the fun and charm of it. We can see it from the small problem of sea pole falling. At last, we conclude that the "hollow live Pendant" of sea pole is a little slower in reflection, but it is not all the time, but missed time. "Hollow death fall" reflects too fast, and requires the eye of a fisherman to keep away from the pole. Sea rods which lead to good, fishing friends are combined with the actual situation to choose. Specific problems should be analyzed in detail.

Besides that sinker,also we have to prepare some accessories,that will help us more playing fishing line scissors, Line Winder machine.

Anyway, hope you enjoy fishing!!!


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