Introduction and Operation Techniques of The Slow Jigging Fishing

The advantages of a slow Jigging

1: target fish species are more abundant (from upper to bottom).
2: no matter whether the activity of fish is high or low, the slow jigging fishing method can attract fish.
3: the most important thing is that slow fishing can help you catch more fish.


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How does the slow - fishing method produce the effect?

In the sea, big fish always attack small and wounded little fish first. This is nature. If you look carefully at the injured little fish, you will find that it does not swim regularly, and sometimes stays, convulsions, or floats to the bottom of the water. So, this is the imitated jigging fishing.

The slow action fishing method is actually not a slow jigging reel, but a pause in the process of the reel, but this rhythm is continuous. Therefore, this rhythm is relatively slow, which is much slower, naturally, with the name of slow jigging.


An object fish with a slow jigging fishing.

At present, the main target fish of the slow pitch fishing method are mostly migratory fish species such as grouper, Verbena, red sea bream, sea bream, silk tail sea bream, big silver carp, gold eye snapper, tuna and other species of high benthic high economic value.

The slow iron plate fishing method also needs no bake because of the fierce bait. At present, the known depth has been able to catch 500 meters. The depth of the target fish to this meter is a rare and highly economical fish in the market. The general goal of the road Asian people is not the big thing, or the new type of fish caught by Lu.

The action key of the slow fishing method

1: lift rod, shakes reel.

The action of lifting pole and rocking reel is simultaneous. At some time, the pole can be pumped up. It can be a roll or a half volume or a 1/4 roll when the reel is on.

2: raise the pole, or after you lift it, stop immediately, so that the tip of the pole will rebound. The iron plate will go up with the pole. As the center of gravity changes, it will fall to the other side. Such a change of left and right is the key to attract the fish to attack.

3: lift rod, no shake reel. Then the iron plate lure will fall, continue to lift the rod, not the reel, and the iron plate lure is like dancing in the water.

4: when the bait is shaky, when the iron plate lure sink and the pole has been pulled by the weight of the iron plate, remember to lift the rod immediately. When the bait is falling, it is the highest chance of the fish.


The details of the slow jigging fishing

The following pictures and corresponding detail analysis can help you get a clear understanding of the main points of action.

In the first drawing, please note that the pole and line are 90 degrees. The pole can remain unchanged, and the reel can be (can be a circle, a half circle, or a 1/4 circle, usually when the reel is rocking, after an acceleration is a quick pause, each time, in one second). Of course, after you are familiar with such a technique, your pole does not have to maintain 90 degrees with the fishing line, up or down. There will be a different effect. Some people may ask, why do we need to speed up when we roll the reel and then stop? This is related to the action behind it. Acceleration and pause will give the iron plate an upward inertia. This forms the following second actions.

When you shake the wheel, the tip of the rod will first go first, and of course, after your pause, the pole will rebound with the characteristics of the slow rod and the inertia of the iron plate in the water, and the iron plate will follow. Hold the pole and don't do anything. At this time, the iron plate may jump to the other side, continue to fall, or rotate (because the design of the iron plate is different, the action is different) when I just touched the slow roll, because of the depth of water, the weight of the iron plate, and the flow of water is not enough, the tip will not go back.

Hen you shake the wheel, the tip of the rod will first. N plate may jump to the other side, continue to fall.

Maybe some fishing friends have seen some of the Japanese fishing hand's slow shake video before, and have seen the pole rebound naturally. Yes, that's all for video shows in shallow water. But if it's in the deep water. That's not the case.

When the rod tip rebounded, the iron plate fell freely. This is the time when the fish attack iron plate is high, so when the iron plate falls freely, do not move. Just wait. At this time, in order to maximize the free fall time of the iron plate, after the movement of the free falling body, the tip of the pole can go down. But do we need to maximize the whereabouts? Maybe not. So fishing friends can change their positions when they are fishing. Or at the time of falling, take a bit of thread, so that the distance is smaller.

Remember, when the iron plate falls, the line stops and suspends. This may be the Chinese fish.

From the 3 steps mentioned above, a simple action of slow jigging has been completed. So, how to connect the middle? When you feel the rod point begins to reunite. At this time, continue to do the first step. If you do not have the force at the tip of the pole, if you do the first step of the pole or the reel, the effect of the iron rebound is not good; in some cases, the rod tip will not rebound because of the resistance of water. Try to practice more, find rhythm, when you feel the rhythm of slow jigging.



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