Oyster fishing

Oyster oyster name, also known as oyster yellow or oysters (oysters, oysters, shellfish) is pure male female, animal, it was like a (i.e., the meaning). Fresh oysters are the most fertile in the winter solstice every year until the next year, and the best season for the old oysters is the best time to eat fresh oysters. Yu Dafu said: "Fuzhou seafood, in spring 32 months, the most popular and most beautiful is from Changle and the coastal area of the freshwater mussel, oyster houses." "Oyster houses are not unique to Fuzhou specialty, but the Fujian oyster houses in Zhejiang coastal area, is produced by the special Feinen clean. From February and March to February and March, there was a lot of light blue water in the shops along the road. The price was less and less delicious than that of Dongpo's oysters. Unfortunately, Sugong never minhai go in, otherwise, the Tian Yangxian, can not buy, Su's sons, or will reside under three hills and two tower, perhaps. Oyster is real oyster, but stand head store this 20s and 30s put oyster housing in Fuzhou has no pomp. But a few years ago in Pingtan, but it is this kind of situation, flagstone street net is muddy, the smell is very thick, shout, women's hands are not as one falls, another rises, stop with a screwdriver or similar tool "don't" (pry) oyster shell.

"Don't" oyster shell of the road, my mother is very familiar with essentials is hand to nest, fingers draped open shell oyster, tip toward the tail shell gap tie, a lever, the knife, the tip will slightly open the shell into the homeopathic knife wrist joint, a turn, a pull can be immediately released from the oyster meat. Skilled women often sell oyster knife, work really has completely as we reach the acme of perfection, Jianpanshangqiao word Mangda, while greeting guests, her work does not stop. Grand faintly, but these are not the oyster Yu Dafu eighty years ago, but it is hard to oyster. In the classification of our fishing, oyster has two kinds, one is the oyster, a dried oyster. The front is wild and the latter is cultured.

Oyster varieties can be divided into: Oyster: a long flake, dorsal ventral edge of several parallel, length 10 ~ 50cm, 4 ~ 15cm. The right shell small, fresh piece of thick, layered or laminated shell arranged outside the flat or with a plurality of recesses, lilac, white or brown, the inner surface of porcelain white, shell top two side. Keao left very deep, scales with right shell thick shell top attachment surface. Hard, layered, white. No stinky, salty taste. The oyster of Dalian Bay is triangular like, with a dorsal shape on the back and a yellowish yellow outside the right shell, with loose concentric scales, and the scales are wavy and the inner surface is white. The left shell concentric scales are thick, and the radiation from the top of the shell is helpful. It is obvious that the inner surface is box shaped under the concave surface and the reaming surface is small. Oysters of the near river: round, oval, or triangular. Right outside the shell slightly rough, grey, purple, brown, yellow and other colors, concentric whorled scales, their larvae scales thin and crisp, after many years of growth scales stacked inside, white edge, sometimes pale purple. Oysters: This is one of the varieties of oyster varieties head large varieties, a large shell can be in a more than Jin, it is generally the growth or breeding in the rivers and sea in the inner bay blend in the shallow sea half salt. Because of the limit of suitable growth conditions, it is less in quantity than other varieties, so its economic price is generally higher. Soft tail rafts, special Chai chai (professional fishing hands most love) can also be used before the wheel or cattle wheels, No. 3 carbon fiber line straight out, thousand and 3~5 tick, without lead...

Methods: 1. of the first measurement of fishing depth, not to recover the line reel, but the same as the manual away, let the line on the side. 2. take about 5~8 grain of oyster (oyster) a little knock, don't knock is broken, go fishing lure fish (30 by one). 3. open a grain of oysters (bigger is better), the oyster oyster shell bending surface leaving united. 4. the oyster meat is separated from the shell, but the tendon remains on the shell. 5. hook oyster meat (white meat), do not check the shells of the tendon. 6. a good hook, will be put into the sea in the downstream oyster (oyster shell is your lead), don't throw (this is why to use manual take-up mode). 7. after the end, just tighten up some sluggish lines, start fishing, don't shake the bait, so as not to bait. 8. hand feeling is the main, visual aids is supplemented. 9. if the line is suddenly loose, it means that the bait has been stole. 10. fish in the closing line, with the manual way line is still not received if the reel of trouble, but also someone with light (as the lead flow, the more light the better), special oyster meat to fish, trapping, but this kind of fishing fish perception of relatively slow 15 minutes without fish. Go find another point to the oyster oyster shed is better, has the harvest is not necessarily a fish, if there is harvest, quickly followed behind to catch it after the harvest to oyster farm, a little cleaning, if the cleaning position quickly to the Underground Tour fishing. I dropped a line measure water depth after the bus not involved in the spool, right hand holding pole position on the reel before about 5~10cm, using the thumb and index finger grip back to the bus left the bus, the delay line containing bait aside enough after throwing bait into the water, the bus can smoothly into the water in the fish... At the time, or for the bait, the fish can be used in the same way as the preceding line.

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