Safety of fishing for saltwater

Safety of fishing for saltwater:

Fishing is characterized by rapid flow, water depth, distance, time is long, sometimes need not through the small sea. This requires the fisherman to be well prepared.

When first ready to go to the sea, to carry the complete equipment, fishing gear to everything. Fish hook, fish line, more than a few sets of parties as the best policy. In particular, it is necessary to hook down the rocks at the bottom of the rock at the bottom of the reef. If the estimated distance and long time, but also bring enough food and utensils.

Secondly, the general water of the ocean is deep, and the bottom fish under the deep water are subjected to a great deal of pressure. Once the fish is caught in Shanghai, it can quickly decompress and die soon. If you want to keep fresh and keep alive, you must go out of air. The method is, with release needle into the stomach. Gently press the maw, the gas discharge in vitro, fish can adapt to the water environment, live for some time. And because the water depth, water flow is large, it is difficult to keep a straight line. Once the fish is found, the action should be big and the strength is enough. If the water is shallow, it will not matter much slowly; if the water is deep, the pole is too slow, and the strength is too small, the fish will probably run away.

Also if you can prepare some solid blank rod for saltwater, solid blank is more stronger and lighter,It will help you fight well in game.

Again, when fishing, must be very Caution. Boat fishing, rock fishing, must wear a life jacket in case of emergency. In addition, in the Los Angeles Times, not only to wear from the special nail shoes, but also traveling together, not alone, to prevent accidents unable to rescue each other. It is generally believed that the safer land is not safe, and must not be taken lightly. Once the storm, the tsunami, must be calm and calm, to be planned, ready to retreat to the safety zone.

In the end, there are big fish in the deep water. What kind of sea fish are ferocious, some fish will bite a paddle. When fishing at sea, once to catch large fish, it will be like a ship around the bait, line up in the future, it's the same pull. At this time, to make a prompt decision, cut the line to keep the rod. If this is the case in the dinghy, be careful not to allow it to be towed, to avoid casualties.


Finally, we hope that you can enjoy the fun of fishing, and also to protect your own safety.

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