Six "NO" for saltwater fishing

Six "NO" for saltwater fishing

There are a lot of problems that should be paid attention to by the use of sea pole fishing. I just talk about some of the problems that I have encountered and seen in the practice of fishing for many years.

1. do not forget to open the line file (the beginning) when throwing.

This is not a problem for the people who use the fishing pole, but it is a frequent problem. That is, some people forget to open the line before throwing. There are two reasons for it.

One is new fishing, the hand operation technology is unskilled.

The two is that some old fishermen operate the tiger. Especially in the process of fishing competition, it is neglects to speed up the frequency of the pole. It is obvious that the adverse consequences of throwing a cast in the case where the online file is not opened. Some bomb hook into "The heavenly maids scatter blossoms. overexert, some because of injury and broken rod.

2 hang down the line do not stay too long

The drooping line referred to here refers to the line from the tip of the sea pole to the distance from the line ring to the bomb hook. This line consists of three parts: one is the main line, the two is the hook line, three bomb hook connector due to the use of different habits, some single hook, some single use hooks, hanging line is not too long at around 30 cm; but the hook and bombs. The hook and hanging line is long. Some light is chained 8~10, coupled with the connection line of the bomb hook, plus the main line, the three together some more than 50 centimeters, some or even more than 60 centimeters.

Such a long drooping line seriously restricts the throwing movement of the sea pole. A force is blocked, so that is not strong, not far; two, in the sea rod casting needs the rod tip sinking back, bomb hook easy to contact with the ground, it is easy to hang on in the back ground of things like trees and weeds, causing unnecessary losses. Therefore, even when the hook, the bomb hook is used simultaneously, the drooping line is not more than 40 centimeters.

3. reel drag do not overtighten

The sea rods cast before, to check the tightness of the reel drag. If the screw is tightened, it should be properly loosed. To what extent is it loose? That is to say, pull the main line with your hand, and the wheels can rotate and get out of the line. Some fishing friends tend to ignore this link, reel drag tight, when the caught fish (fishing rod is pulled even rod body is lying) into the water; if the holder is in prison, it was too late to fishing rod, fish fishing line will be broken; if the fishing reel drag on a little looser, when the caught fish guy, even if it is not the fishing rod, a fishing line can also easily qualify, then fishing rod holders up, and according to the actual situation of reel drag to make the appropriate adjustments.

4. people and fish don't meet too early and don't copy fish too early

When people catch a big fish, they always want to see the fish early, because they can't restrain their excitement and joy, so as to see what fish is and how big the fish is, so they speed up the pole collecting speed. They only take the line and do not play the line. Prematurely pull the big fish close to the shore and out of the water. Big fish and see the shore will spar desperately struggling to escape. The struggles of power than when it is hooked when many, and if the reel drag the screw too tight not to put out, the consequences can only be broken fish run.

The correct approach should be: when the caught fish do not panic, do not worry, holding pole line, also on line, your radio. Control the distance between 20~25 meters and walk the fish again and again. When you feel the big fish "to" the line strength decreased significantly when the fish landed and continued to take the fish, until fish belly white paper fish net.

5. do not walk the fish in the barrier water

In the sea fishing pole position should be avoided as far as possible the waters of the front, left and right sides of a weed, Alternanthera philoxeroides, branches of things (plants, a wide area of Alternanthera philoxeroides in more than two meters) near the fishing because of the existence of these weeds, when you catch the big fish big fish is difficult to walk to the shore, and it is easy to be weed on hook break running fish; if it is not a good catch, optional bombs thrown out, when the caught fish need to walk in the fish, fishing for big fish next door neighbours agree, will be out of the weedy waters continued to take the fish. The

Don't copy the 6. fish from the top down the button

It is a very regrettable thing to catch the big fish on the sea pole and walk very successfully. But in practice, this kind of thing is quite a lot. Where is the problem? Is mainly caused by the improper copy of fish, some fishing fish copied, not from the bottom to the copy, but from the top down button. How can this be copied to the fish? Because there are still hooks and lines in the mouth of the fish, copying from up and down, and no fish can be copied in any case.

The correct approach should be: when the fish was tired after walking, fishing hand rod, a left to right hand holding, with walking fish, right below the timely sink to the fish net. When the left hand will go to the big fish net mouth and head sink a little, the right hand holding a copy will be provided quickly, fish copied into the net.



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